Get Rid of Acne Fast Using These Extreme Methods

The best ways to get rid of acne fast is by using astringents and lotions. The methods that will be listed in this article might work well for many people and might not work for you especially if you are suffering from a severe acne case. I will advise you read this article to the last word because you will find one helpful tool that will give you a lasting solution to acne. There are many effective treatments for severe cases of acne and they include the use of light therapy, chemical peels and drainage but the safest of all is by using natural methods. Natural methods help to get rid of acne but it takes time, this treatment is effective because it has little or no side effects compared to other counter remedies.

If you are suffering from sever acne I will advice you go to see a doctor or dermatologist so that he/she can run various test on you to know the actual cause of your skin disease. The treatment most of them will prescribe to you will include the use of natural methods. But before we go into that let me give you some remedies to help rid acne fast.

– Using chemical peels: glycolic acid and some other light chemicals are mostly used to reduce acne papules and black heads. The good aspect is that it will make your face fresh and clean. It is very wrong for you to do a chemical peel at home because it might burn your skin if not done properly; therefore it has to be done by a dermatologist to help make the process easier and faster.

– Surgical extraction and drainage: this is a very simple type of surgery and it is done in a dentist office. When your acne or cyst are very stubborn or does not react to treatment then it may call for drainage. Acne surgery which is also known as extraction and drainage is a process that involves injecting the infection out and allowing the infection (acne) to drain by itself. It does not allow scars and also helps to reduce pains in the affected areas.