Get Rid of Cockroaches – 10 Useful Tips

There are many sprays and medicines which are available in the markets for getting rid of cockroaches, but the problem in using these is that, they have strong chemicals present in them, which can prove to be harmful for humans as well. Therefore, when trying to clean your home from the menace of these cockroaches, you can try the below top 10 tips for getting rid of cockroaches using home remedies.

1. Coffee Grind – The smell of coffee acts as a bait for the cockroaches, while the caffeine content present in it kills them.

2. Flour And Boric Acid – By sprinkling a mixture of boric acid, flour and white sugar, all in equal quantities, areas like kitchen cabinets, under the stove, bathroom drains, etc., you can kill the cockroaches in the most effective manner.

3. Fabric Softener – Since the cockroaches breathe through their skin, any strong fragrance can kill them. Therefore, by spreading the fragrance of fabric softener, you can suffocate the cockroaches and kill them.

4. Pandan Leaves – Pandan leaves are an excellent cockroach repellent. However, they are effective only as long as they are fresh, once dry through them out and place new Pandan leaves.

5. Cayenne, Garlic And Onion – A liquid mixture of the above contents, is a perfect solution for tackling the problem of cockroaches.

6. Hair Spray – Hair sprays are sticky and therefore, when sprayed on a cockroach, it will seal its wings and skin, thus suffocating it to its ultimate death.

7. Baking Soda And Sugar – While the sugar content in this mix acts as a bait for the cockroaches, the baking soda kills them.

8. Cucumber peels – The results of the use of these leaves are varied, while some find them to be extremely effective, others are not so satisfied with the use of these leaves for the killing of cockroaches.

9. Catnips – Catnips have no effect on humans and pets except for cats, which go crazy. Therefore, if you have cats in your home, do not use this herb for getting rid of cockroaches at your place.

10. Soda Bottle Traps – This is an old trick used by many housewives for trapping the cockroaches in their house. It is safe and can be real fun.

There are many other tricks which are used in different parts of the world for killing cockroaches, but amongst all of them, the above are the top 10 tips for getting rid of cockroaches.