Get Rid of Rats – Achieving a Rodent Free Home

Whether you are a home owner or an apartment dweller, there are few occurrences that are quite as unsettling as having an intruder in your home. Even if that intruder is of the 4 legged, long pink tailed variety rather than of the human variety, it is a very upsetting thing. If you have ever seen a rat in your house, you know this to be true. Large members of the rodent family, rats are exceptionally intelligent and can be very dangerous as they carry many diseases that can be passed to people and house pets. If you have a rat problem in your home that you no doubt want to know how to get rid of rats.

There are a lot of different ways to get rid of rats. Some people prefer to use poisons, spring traps or glue traps which provide a fatal end to the rat problem. Others desire a more humane option and will instead opt for a “no kill” or “cruelty free” trap that will allow the rat to be relocated to somewhere else. Whichever method you use is strictly a matter of personal preference, and all have their own level of efficacy. Not all traps will work on all rats, so you may need to try more than one type.

One of the newer breakthroughs in ways to get rid of rats is the electronic rat trap. Essentially a large chamber which delivers a lethal dose of electrical energy when it detects a rat, it is a mess free way of eliminating a rat problem. There is no blood, no need to handle the dead rat and no need to search out the dead rat as you often have to do with poison. More costly than a traditional spring trap, poison or glue papers, an electronic rat trap is a safe alternative for your home as there is virtually no risk that a family pet or child will get injured by the trap or accidentally ingest the poison.

Regardless of what method you choose to use to get rid of rats, the end result is the same, a rat free home! The best way to get rid of a rat is to never get one in the first place, so it is wise to do your best to keep things clean and make sure that there is not food garbage around which can attract rats to your home, but it is good to know that if you do wind up with rats there are options to help you end the problem.

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