Get Rid of Spiders On Your Boat Quickly and Easily

One of the most common questions I hear when I visit the marina is “how do you get rid of spiders on your boat?” This is a yearly struggle for many boat owners. Spiders seem to find their way into every nook and cranny of your hull. Inside and out – spiders make their homes everywhere!

So how do you get rid of spiders? And more importantly, how do you keep them off your boat and your dock? This article will explore several options for spider control in marine applications.

First, let’s talk about what not to do. A lot of people have used the “bug bombs” and foggers in their homes or garages in the past. While those may be okay solutions around the house, they are not a good idea on your boat. Most spider repelling foggers contain harmful chemicals. You might not have any problems using it in your large garage or house (so long as you keep your pets and kids out for a few hours or days). But using a fogger in your boat can be troublesome. These potentially harmful chemicals coat every surface inside your boat and can be incredibly difficult to get out. The smell can be overwhelming. And in such a small space, you might find yourself dealing with odors and pesticides for weeks after bombing your boat. I don’t recommend this method for my fellow boat owners.

If you spend any time around other boaters, more than likely somebody has told you to simply leave the spiders alone. They eat other pests and can be beneficial in many ways. If you and your spouse can live with your spiders, then go for it! I’m all about “live and let live.”

Here are a couple other tricks:

  • Place a couple dryer sheets throughout your boat. I’m not entirely sure why this seems to work, but I’ve heard a few local boaters who swear by this method. It also works for mosquitoes! Just stick a dryer sheet in your pocket when you’re outside.
  • Vacuum your boat thoroughly. While this is not a miracle solution, doing this once a year can make a huge difference. Remove everything you can from inside your boat. Shake everything out and clean it completely. Meanwhile, vacuum out every corner of your boat. Open every hatch, lift every cover, and get in ever small space you can.
  • Install screens on as many openings as possible. This is another obvious solution. But many people overlook it!
  • Make sure you remove any eggs you find! You might only notice a couple spiders hanging out, but rest assured – they may have laid hidden eggs containing hundreds of spiders.
  • Try sticking some moth balls in a coffee can and leaving the can open on your boat when you aren’t there. When you take your boat out for the day, just stick the lid on the can and sail away!

I hope some of these solutions can help you enjoy the boating season even more for years to come! Best of luck. One of these solutions is bound to help you get rid of spiders on your boat.