Get That Ink Off My Clothes

We oftentimes lose hope in solving problems when it is regarding getting ink stains out of clothes. Even though we hear solutions to such problems, we choose not to try such solutions because we can not get out of our belief that ink stains are permanent and that we will never bring back our stained clothes to how it looked like before. However, we should try some of the techniques on how to get ink out of clothes because, really, there are still solutions that work. Let's look at three different techniques being used, depending on the kind of ink that stained our clothes.

Before we start with the instructions on how to get ink out of clothes, we should first prepare the materials needed including stain sticks, stain spray, stain removers, stain gel, sponges, paper towels, hairspray, fingernail polish remover, denatured alcohol, cotton swabs, baking soda, and acetone.

Assuming that the stain on the clothing is a pen ink stain, it is advisable to clean the clothing as soon as possible because there is a big chance that it can still be removed. It must be remembered that the longer that we leave the clothing untreated, the bigger the chances that the stain will permanently be there. However, we must also take note that despite the fact that pen ink stains may be removed by regular washing, there are some fabrics wherein such rule do not apply. In this regard, we might need the help of professionals.

If the stain on our clothing comes from the ink of a ballpoint pen, a wet sponge is needed to be blotted on the stain. The sponge of course has to clean and this procedure must be done as soon as possible. This process should be repeated over and over again until the sponge stops absorbing ink. Afterwards, allow the stain to dry before we spray some hairspray on it. And then, the soiled part of the clothing should be sandwiched using two paper towels and dab them both on the soiled fabric until the stain gets removed. Applying a pretreatment stain remover is the next procedure on how to get ink out of clothes. Once all these are done, the clothing may now be washed with warm water.

If the ink of a felt tip pen stains the clothing, a paper towel must be used to press it on the stained art until most of the ink is removed. A denatured alcohol poured on a cotton swab may be dabbed on the soiled fabric until the stain gets removed. The last procedure on how to get ink out of clothes is to wash it in a regular way.

These are easy steps on how to get ink out of clothes. If there are people who do not believe in any of these procedures, it's alright but there is no harm in trying.