Get The Lean GQ Look Rather Than The Bulky Body Builder Look

Guys, when it comes to your body, what would you like it to look like in turns of physical build? Do you want the bulky muscular “Arnold” look or the lean muscular “GQ” look?

There is no right or wrong answer as it’s all personal preference. BUT, you really need to understand how to achieve both if you want to achieve either.

What we’ll outline in the articles are the basics for the GQ look.

To understand the “look” I’m referring to, open up a GQ magazine or picture the Calvin Klein type of male model. they have more muscle mass than the average person but they have a lot less body fat in terms of percentage. Also notice, their muscles look like they are constantly flexed, right? (the proper term for this is muscle density)

If you are a gym goer, you’ve probably noticed that most people who constantly go to the gym don’t have this “muscle density” look, right? So, why do these models have this constant look? I say they have this constant look because most of those types of models have to be ready for a photo shoot at any given moment.

Maybe it’s genetics. Maybe it’s their trainer. Maybe it’s their diet. Maybe it’s none of these things.

Do you know you can achieve this look as well, regardless of how you look now. to achieve any look, you just need to have the proper muscle building program to get you to the physique you’re looking for. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Eating Habits

First of all, eating. Now, before you take things what out of whack, learn to eat smart. If someone says eat 6 times a day, they do NOT mean 6 big meals a day. A snack, such as an apple, could be considered 1 of the six times a day, get it?

So think about it, if you want your body to be leaner, then you must eat leaner. Fasting every so often is good, but fasting too often is bad. You need fuel for your body, but the kind of fuel you put in determines how you may end up. Starving yourself is counter productive, so make sure you do eat while getting that leaned out look, ok?


Yes, the six pack abs. You’ve read about them before and you will read about them again and again. They key to a nice lean look is the six pack abs. Doing crunches and sit ups may not get the results you’re looking for. Planks and hanging leg raises is an exercise you should focus on. These strengthen the ab muscles without getting the bulk muscle look. then, when you eat right and lower you body fat percentage, the strong muscles will show through.

Lower Body

If you want the leaner look, then you may want to consider NOT doing squats and dead lifts. Oh sure, some say those are great for toning your rear end, but the also create the bulky leg look, so you may want to shy away from them. An alternative may be intense cardio of some sort. You may even consider an HIIT cardio workout or a Fartlek type of cardio workout 3 times a week. You’ll achieve proper tone without the bulkiness in the lower body.

Upper Body

A trick some of the leaner body folks do is to skip the traditional bench press altogether. Start doing chest workouts that most body builders avoid, like incline bench. Your chest will get a different look that is more in line with the model guys then the bodybuilder guys, which is what you’re shooting for to begin with, right?

But, there is also your arms and shoulders. Make sure you work them out, but don’t over do it. Working out to fatigue isn’t always beneficial for the lean muscle look.

Understand what and how to work out and you’ll be well one your way to that lean look. Couple that thought process with the other tips I outline will give you a nice foundation to get where you need to go!