Get Weather Resistant Outdoor Fireplace Tools

Your outdoor fireplace tools will depend on the type of fireplace you have, gas or wood. With a wood burning fireplace, you need tongs, poker, brush and a shovel as well as a stand to keep them handy and something to hold the wood. There are sets where the stand that holds the wood also holds the tools, cutting down on clutter while keeping everything at your fingertips.

The thing you must remember when you are buying outdoor fireplace tools or any other accessories is that, unlike a fireplace inside the house where it is protected from the weather, it will probably be exposed to all the elements. You will want to choose what materials the tools are made out of carefully, such as stainless steel which is durable and rust proof. Wrought iron is proven to withstand moisture, sun, and temperature change, but you should read all the instructions and qualities before buying any type of tools.

The Outdoor Cooking Authority website is full of good advice about all kinds of cooking, from an open campfire to the outdoor kitchens and everything in between including fireplaces. You may decide to buy more accessories for your fireplace instead of tools when they explain how to cook different types of food in it. The truth is, more people are looking to their patio for a place to go and relax and eat, and the barbeques that used to be for camping or special summertime holiday dinners are now much more common.

Your outdoor fireplace tools should be durable and weather resistant, with a minimum of tongs, poker, and brush and shovel if it is a wood burning fireplace. The rack to hold the wood is a great idea, but not something you need immediately if you cannot buy everything at once. A screen to keep hot embers from falling out is much more important.