Get Your Ex Back – How No Contact Works in Long Distance Relationships

If you have recently been involved in a long distance relationship that went bad, and you want to get your ex back but fear the method for getting your ex back are different, I have some news for you. They aren’t. The rules to get your ex back are the same for those in long distance relationships as they are for those that had in person relationships.

The first thing you do, and this is more important for those in LDR than anyone, is to maintain no contact. It is paramount that you do not contact your ex. I was recently asked, “How is no contact going to help me get my ex back if I wasn’t there in person”? Well, it works the EXACT same way as if you WERE in person. No contact is something that effects the dumper in an emotional and mental way.

While involved in the long distance relationship, you have been a provider of emotional support for the duration of the entire relationship, whether you realize it or not. It was your emails, it was your phone calls, it was your kind words of encouragement and support that your ex looked forward to everyday. When you, by going no contact, pull that emotional support rug out from under their feet, they will miss it eventually. Believe it!

Imagine if your main emotional support group was, all of a sudden, to disappear from your life? What if you couldn’t call on (fill in the blank) to vent your grievances to? Or to share your hopes and dreams with? Or whatever, would you miss them? Absolutely you would.

Fear not, my little LDR exes, no contact will work just the same for you as anyone else.