Get Your Pot-Belly Stove Now For Winter

The pot belly stove is the symbol of Americana. Its’ use in colonial America was not just to provide sufficient heat. This famous stove was also used as the place to cook the household’s meals in more affluent homes.

They were constructed entirely from solid cast iron. The better the casting the more insulated the stove would be and therefore, the distribution of heat would last longer. Antique wood burning stoves were more ornate while the pot belly stove was small and compact. Its’ size made it great for use in public places such as general stores, one room schoolhouses and railroad stations. If you watch an old western movie you will usually see a this kind of stove off in the corner heating the room.

Many people remember the old stove in their grandparents’ kitchen. The kitchen became the most common room in the house for conversation and a friendly get together because of the warmth and coziness provided by the little pot belly. People today are trying to recapture that bygone era feeling by installing an antique stove in their own kitchen.

Wood burning stoves are a great way to heat the modern home. Any models made after the early 1990s and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency are likely to save at least one-third the cost of heating with a traditional stove. While the most famous stoves are cast iron, contemporary makers have found stainless steel versions with glass doors to be quite popular. If you have your heart set on a traditional potbelly stove you can find exact replicas made to today’s specifications and therefore, more energy efficient. Pot belly stoves normally burned either wood or coal, but more popularly burn wood pellets and grains. A lot of people still use these materials today, especially if they have bought a true vintage pot belly. Many companies that restore old stoves will also convert the stove to gas or electricity for a fee.

When thinking about installing the little stove make sure you have measured the room and found an appropriate spot for the it to call home. Every pot belly stove has a chimney that is attached to let the smoke out. Because of the intense heat put out by the stove set up must be at least 36″ from anything combustible. When you purchase a stove, be sure that it has sufficient draft controls, so that the heat can be properly controlled. If you increase the draft, the pot belly stove can turn out more heat, which is a must when the outside temperature drops and you want to keep the indoor temperature steady. All stoves should have an ash pan at the bottom to collect the ash from whatever fuel you are using. The pan should be easy to remove so that the stove can be easily cleaned.

The classic looks of an antique pot belly stove are something that attracts a lot of people to this design. Some of these stoves are over one hundred years old and still in proper working condition. If you have a small room that does not have any other form of heating then a pot belly stove could be a great choice to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. These stoves are very fuel efficient appliances and goodness knows in this day and age that can really help with the family heating budget.