Get Your Treatment For Genital Warts Only From a Physician

Warts are caused by human papilloma virus. Not all warts are infectious, but genital warts or Condylomata acuminata is. It is a highly contagious sexually transmitted infection that occurs both in men and women. Before we go into depth, let us take a look at the different stains and the resulting warts. There are approximately 130 strains of the virus. Among them:

• Type 1 Causes planter and palmer warts.

• Type 2 causes common warts. Filiform warts, planter warts, mosaic planter warts

• Type 3 causes plain or flat warts

• Type 6 and 11 causes 90% of the genital warts

• Type 16 and 18 causes 70% of the cervical cancers

There are many ways of treating genital warts. The traditional method is:

• Applying liquid nitrogen which is very painful

• Applying podophyllin, which is only 55% effective

• Loop Electro Surgical Excision of the wart by the doctor

• CO2 Laser Surgery for large warts in the genital area

• Interferon injection into the wart which helps the immune system of the body to fight the infection. The injection is given twice a week for about 8 weeks or till the warts disappear. This treatment is 50% effective.

• While treating genital warts in pregnant women the external application of the medicines cannot be done because they get absorbed in the skin and can lead to the child getting some birth defects. So only treatments like freezing can be done.

Therefore, see a doctor to have it diagnosed and then take up proper treatment as Condylomata acuminata is as infectious as it can sometimes be painful. Although the body’s natural immune system clears up the virus sometimes, it needs treatment most of the time. There are different ways of treating genital warts. Let us take a peek into different clinical methods by which you can clear the genital warts. At the same time, as the virus is incurable, there is a fair chance of the warts reappearing again and again.

One should be careful while treating pregnant woman, lest it harms the foetus and causes defective birth. As it is, most of the medicines have some side effects. That is why one should take up the treatment under the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner only. It seems a true case where prevention is better than cure. Of course, prevention too is very difficult because you will never know if your partner has Condylomata acuminata or not.

Pharmacists sell many ointments, lotions and genital wart creams but the best is to go to the doctor and only on his prescription they may be used. The natural therapy would be to use banana peals along with a combination of garlic, to effectively remove genital warts.

Most of the genital warts creams contain silver oxide, some natural oils and organic beeswax. Siver oxide kills the germs, beeswax reduces inflation and redness and the natural oils contained in it moisturises the skin and gets rid of the toxins. Having less toxic diet, maintaining personal hygine does help in the long run. You can also try natural therapy. Take bananas that are just turning yellow. Cut the peel into right size and put the inner side of the peel on the warts. Secure it with a tape and leave it for as long as possible. Garlic pastes can also do wonders. Use sesame oil to moisturize the skin. Using tea oil is not recommended, but Polyphenon E, which is extracted from green tea has a higher clearance rate. Try them along with other medicines. Besides there are some good Homeopathic medicines that clear warts from the roots.

The occurrence of warts is more likely in people who have low immunity levels. So our diet should be rich in folic acid and beta carotene to boost up the immunity system. Another important thing to be noted is that genital warts should be treated the moment they are noticed. Any delay in treatment would make it harder to get rid of them.