Getting Cash for Clothing You No Longer Use

Sort through your Items

Go through each room of your home and sort through items. Gather up items that are still in very good condition but no one wears anymore. This is the first step in the process to sell clothes. There is no reason to keep them around if they aren’t being worn. They are just taking up space. It makes sense to clear them out and have more overall space.

Sell them at Once

You may have gone some typical routes when it comes to how you sell clothes. They can include having a garage sell, posting them online, or taking them to a consignment centre. These methods can be time consuming though and there is no guarantee you will get rid of them. They may not sell or you may sell one or two items at a time when they are on consignment.

A better solution is to sell clothes to an entity that will buy them from you all at once. Then you don’t have to invest your time with setting up a garage sell, taking photos to share online, or hauling them to a consignment centre. This method is the easiest way for you to get them sold and to make some extra money.


It is understood you may have a busy schedule and plenty of commitments. It may take you time to get through all the items in your home when you want to sell clothes. You will have the flexibility to schedule a pickup of the items when you are ready. It is very convenient too for them to come pick them up at your home.

You don’t have to load them up and take them to a drop off.I f you are motivated to make money though you will create a plan to get the work done in the least amount of time. Perhaps you can commit to going through one room in your home per day. Within a week you can have all the items read to go. You will be rewarded when you sell clothes by getting a nice payment for them.


The amount of money you are going to earn depends on the volume of clothing you offer. They are generally going to pay you based on weight. There can be some sorting and inspecting done first. Make sure you don’t include items that are damaged or severely worn as they can’t be resold. You should only include clothing that is still in great condition with your pick up.

Enhance your Wardrobe

You can use the money you made from the clothing to further enhance your wardrobe. You can use the funds to shop for new items you would love to add to your closet. You aren’t going to dip into your regular household budget to pay for the new clothing either. This means you can shop for them guilt free!

If you worry about getting rid of clothing now that you may wear later, try an experiment. Turn all the clothing in your closets backwards on the hangers. As you wear something and hang it back up, switch the hanger back to the direction it would normally face. Anything you don’t wear after six months can be cleared out.