Getting Everyone on Board With Mac OS X

Business technologies are split between the spreadsheet and the art of business. Industry and environment dictates how a company will integrate computer network technology into a custom business process.

Choosing the right network is one thing but creating one that performs well under pressure is another.

You see, the infrastructure for today's business technology is divided as well. Fiber optics and copper wire share the duty of connecting networks inside and outside the office. Both methods accept a wide variety "network protocols" such as Fiber Channel, Infinaband for high speed connections, and Ethernet. Ethernet is the most common network grid and has been connecting computers since the 1980's. It continues to be something more widely accepted and standardized today.

The need for custom computer protocols for business will remain as long as technology evolves but the designs that drive them have also improved and will continue to improve. Customarily, Apple's Mac OS is the leading choice of digital art and design firms. More and more artists who work with digital print, video, and audio, reliably on Mac computing to perform as the editorial backbone when doing pre and post production. A designer can easily produce content-rich products people pay for in print, video and audio using Apple's Mac OS X platform. Using the best tools for the job insures a high-quality product and the production company is able to compete for more work and better pay.

Production companies get what they want with Mac OS X. Now inject a deadline and give these same content designers no way to interact digitally. A firm without a network has editors who work alone. They work alone without taking a file from one computer and physically downloading onto another computer is considered collaborating. The situation is real, the lost productivity is real, and the security risk is real. Having more content designers working together means more files to share.

Redundant: Exceeding what is necessary.

Production companies without shared network capabilities report that as business begins to increase, more and more productivity is lost to processes that have nothing to do with being creative. Ask a small design firm about doing more with less, they usually say something like "I look around the office near a deadline and a lot of what I see is designers tracking down files, copying files, formatting files, back and forth, back and forth with the files on a portable disk or flash drive. " "It's disheartening."

Lost productivity will hold a company back from moving forward when sales and production are up. Creating more productivity equals getting more done. Removing redundancy is the easiest way to get more work done while keeping costs down.

We want to know how to get everyone using a Mac on the same network where projects can be locally stored and accessed from anywhere. "The computing power of Mac OS X is outstanding when combined with editing software packages like Final Cut Pro. that when employees working with Apple computers have equal access to team projects, and collaboratively together, it improved work flow, performance, and morale dramatically.

Finally, eliminate down-time due to an over abundance of archived flash drives, hard disks, and peripherals that require physical retrieval and insertion of data into a new work space. Use redundancy to your benefit with RAID "Redundant" file sharing and archive capabilities. Take advantage of existing infrastructure with Small Tree Ethernet connections that dramatically adjust the cost of upgrading to a network that works. These network solutions for Mac OS X puts control back in the hands of editors who Utilize MAC OS X, the safest and most forward looking operating system today.

It's all about scalable Mac networks for production companies focused on the Mac platform. They include service and support from experienced network engineers that are very knowledgeable about creating dependable solutions which are rigorously tested and engineered. All innovations are designed to perform above expectations using the best of the best Ethernet networking and shared storage Mac OS X configurations! Safe, reliable, and cost effective GraniteStor networks are the most reliable and advanced Ethernet networks available for pre and post production needs.

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