Getting Low Cost Double Glazing

The words ‘cheap double glazing’ often conjure up horrible images of poorly fitting windows and doors but you’ll be happy to know that these features can all be prevented. It’s now more accessible than it ever has been but there are still ways of getting even better deals and an even better service from your provider. This guide will help you get the cheapest glazing possible:

There are a number of ways you could find businesses that sells cheap double glazing, but the way I most recommend is word of mouth. Double glazing is a product that should last up to 30 years, so it’s important you deal with a supplier that you can trust. Ask your friends and family if they have heard of any good local

tradesman who they are happy to recommend. Granted a good recommendation doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the best glazed windows in town for the lowest prices, but it should help you avoid complete cowboys.

If no one will recommend you a double glazer then I suggest you look through local advertising material. Ignore large companies that operate all round the country as these will worry less about their reputation and could do a bad job. Concentrate on small, family run local business as these will offer a great service, and more importantly, a great price on your double glazing.

Before you’ve selected a number of double glazers to quote on the job, ensure you see examples of their previous work. If possible go and visit the houses that they have worked on before but if this is not possible then you should at least be provided with a portfolio of previous work. Ensure they have experience in your style of double glazing, i.e. if you’re installing double glazed sash units ensure they have fitted them before.

Make sure you supply all companies you’d like to quote with exactly the same information as this will ensure the quotes that are returned are easily comparable. Make sure things like guarantee’s and materials used are the same throughout all the quotes otherwise it’s difficult to determine which is actually the best.

Once you’ve decided on the company you want to install your double glazing, haggle with them on price. Inform them that you’ve got a number of other quotes and they are cheaper than theirs, but also tell them that you are impressed with their high quality workmanship (the more positive you can be the better!). Everyone likes to be complimented and this is a well known way of getting somewhere to do something for you.

If you follow these instructions you will have no problems getting very cheap double glazing that keeps you warm throughout the winter but with substantially lower heating bills.