Getting Pink Silk Drapes In Your Home

Drapes make the room look more elegant in any home setting. They add glamour and flow to the ambiance of the room. Because of their inherent elegance, most moms would love to have a set hanging in their living room, kitchen window, or even in some houses with spacious bedrooms. For the more feminine demographics, vibrant colors and patterns like pink silk drapes are the favored choice.

There are many ways to get hold of a drape for your interior decorating dreams for your abode. You could log on to the internet and quickly find an online merchant who sells a great variety of different drapes and other related products. You might want to venture into these online stores because they tend to offer discounts for customers at varying times of the year. With the comfort of just sitting down on your couch, these online stores make shopping easy. There are online stores like the Sumptuous Silk and The Drapery Depot who both offer a great range of quality silk products.

Aside from relying on online stores for your decorative need for drapes, you might also want to consider going to your favorite home improvement store or some outlet at a nearby mall. Sometimes these stores go on a discount frenzy to rid their warehouses of old stock. If you get lucky and you look closely enough, you might be able to find some stores featuring your favorite pink silk drapes or some ornate burgundy with floral patterns to match your home's rustic feel.

Your home is a place where the family stays and reconnects. It is also that place which holds so many memories. You invest a lot of emotion into the preparation, decoration, and care of your humble abode. So why not turn your dream of majestic pink drapes into a reality by making your own.

You only need to measure your window and take note of the dimensions. Consider your curtain rod and just add an allowance to make sure it's not too short. Take the pink silk that you purchase from your favorite store, and cut the fabric into the right size. Set your iron to the setting for silk and let it heat up. You will then iron the sides for hems – once-inch hems for the sides and about three to four-inch hems on the curtain rod side. Set the hems using pins and start sewing using a lower tension than normal because of the silk's smoothness.

After the final stitches, you are now ready to hang your new pink silk drapes on to the curtain rod and be amazed at how glorious the room is with the new drapes in place. Investing in your home is made memorable and meaningful because you get to spend lasting moments with your family.