Getting Ready for Summer: Choosing a Fence for a New Pool

Getting a new pool means you will be getting a new fence, or repairing an old fence. Whether you have an above ground pool or an in-ground pool, you will need to install fencing that meets your local pool code. Pool safety codes require specific types of fencing and lock mechanisms. Failure to install a fence that is to code for your pool is illegal and may potentially expose you to liability should someone get hurt.

What type of fence do I need for my pool?

We have multiple fence options that satisfy swimming pool safety laws. Your real question is: What type of fence do I want for my pool? You have the luxury of many choices. Think about the type of pool you have or are planning to install. If it's a lagoon-style pool you may want a fence that does not interfere with the natural landscape. Alternately, you may want the fence to match or complete the siding on your home. A pool requires consistent maintenance, but the good news is aluminum and vinyl fences are maintenance-free. A variety of colors and styles allow homeowners to turn their yards into as casual or elegant a retreat as they desire.

When choosing a fence for a pool, keep in mind that pool codes vary by city, town and even subdivisions. Property owners are responsible for ensuring that they have up-to-date code information. You will need to check with your community or homeowner's association in addition to the city or town in which you have to make sure you have all up-to-date pool codes before choosing your fence.

3 steps to check your fence for pool codes:

1. We will help you find your local municipality for you to verify local pool codes

2. We will show you which changes meet your pool codes and you can customize your selection

3. Schedule a simple installation

Since aluminum fines require no maintenance, you will not have to be concerned about corrosion issues like many low-quality fence materials may have, or rotting and insects that may be attracted to wood fines over time. Old unsightly wings take away a home's curve appealing. When you choose an aluminum fence you will not have to worry about long-term issues relating its appearance.

If you are planning to install a pool or if you already enjoy one and need a replacement fence, you already appreciate how upgrades add value to your home. The right type of fence helps to increase your home's value with curb appeal, safety, and security. Not only that, but a maintenance-free fence is an excellent feature when you are ready to sell your home. Installing an aluminum fence is a simple process, unlike other home upgrades that require an inconvenient lengthy process.

Aluminum treasures that meet pool codes have tremendous flexibility in design. We can create custom fence systems and decorative tops to fit your specific taste. Browse samples of our aluminum and vinyl treasures to find one that reflects your home's style and at the same time satisfy pool safety requirements.