Getting Your Vitamins and Minerals

My partner went paint balling over the weekend and very stupidly broke her leg. Latermore she then went in for an operation to put metal plates and screws in to make sure that the bone was going to mend properly. She was really worried that the reason why it broke so easily was because she lacked in a good calcium intake. She decided to record how much calcium she took in and it was shocking at the lack of calcium in her body. As I eat the same as her I was not getting the right amount of calcium either.

We determined that we seriously needed to consider taking additional vitamin and mineral tablets to help our body as best as possible.

As my partners immune system was low enough as it is determined that we should get her zinc and vitamin C and D to help build her immune system to help prevent her becoming ill further from picking up a cold or bug. Obviously she needed to take additional calcium supplements and I felt I needed to too.

It's shocking to think that we go on with our lives not thinking about what we're missing in and before you know it you've worked out pretty much everything! I would strongly recommend to anyone reading this to consider what you may need additional help with. As additional support with vitamins and minerals will not hurt you it is always advisable to help strengthen your system as you never know when you will need your immune system as strong as possible.