GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) for the Newbie

I had been hearing a lot about this product, GFRC (Glass Fiber  Reinforced   Concrete ) which is an application for exterior finishes for homes and businesses. I thought it was new to the building industry but apparently it was only new to me. It has actually been around for decades and I can’t believe I haven’t heard about it until now. In California it is the rage, but it has finally reached Michigan and we are able to put this product to use.

After seeing the glass fiber  reinforced   concrete  online and hearing all the amazing things about it I was curious to inspect it for myself. I found a builder and made arrangements to see it in person. I could not believe how many different designs and colors that it came in. It matches any product we already have plus the GFRC is stronger and more durable. The strength is superior to cement which is amazing in itself. It is also flexible so you don’t have to worry about it cracking. That has been a major problem with the materials we have been using up to this point.

I could not believe how good this product really is. Being able to save so much on utility bills alone is such a great advantage. This product could literally pay for itself. I know this will be a great selling point for this product.

I knew that when people just told me about GFRC I was a skeptic right from the start. I thought they were just blowing their own horn. If it is their product naturally they are going to say only the glowing things about it. But upon inspecting it for myself, I realize that they were just telling the plain truth.

They did not exaggerate because the product actually is that good. To date, I have not ever heard of a product being stronger and more flexible than cement. I love it.

GFRC will revolutionize the industry. We have been waiting for a product like this. It is so superior to the other methods available for exterior finishes for homes and businesses that it is unlikely that anyone will continue to use them.

You literally have to see GFRC to believe it. I know I did. For everyone out there. Check it out, it really is worth it. You can offer your clients guarantees that no one else can as GFRC is stronger and more durable than any of them. There are no cracks for wind to get in and no openings for water to get in.

It is amazing and I am sure you will use it once you see how superior it is. Once you have built one of these homes and people see it everyone will want one. It sells itself as it is so unique and cost saving.

GFRC has other uses such as molding pots, outdoor tables and benches and even ornaments. There is nothing this product can’t do. So if you want to hear more about this amazing product check out:

Hope you find it as interesting as I did.