GHD Straighteners – What’s the Fuss?

GHD straighteners have been around for about 10 years now and have become one of the most popular hair straighteners bought in the UK. Through out the GHD story they have won numerous awards and accolades for the straighteners they manufacture. In 2010 GHD launched the newest version, the GHD Gold Classic Styler.

So what is it that makes GHD just so sought after? GHD have kept models to a minimum with just 3 main designs. The Classic Styler which is a standard plate straightener, the Saloon Styler wide plate with extra wide plates and the Mini Styler a smaller width plate. All the GHD models are produced with the same craftsmanship and materials for a quality straightener that will last.

Temperature Control

GHD straighteners do not come with an adjustable temperature control; there is just one heat setting. That said the GHD mark 4 styler achieves a maximum heat of around 180 degrees Celsius which is lower than most other straighteners brands on the market today. The older versions of GHD straighteners, which I first owned, did achieve a higher temperature up to 230 degrees Celsius. However GHD has lowered the temperature on the new mark 4 model as hair doesn’t need to be heated above this temperature to straighten it. This will also mean less damage to hair which is good news if you have fine hair. If like me you thought the lower temperature would mean poorer results just check out customer reviews on sites like Amazon.


GHD Straightener plates are ceramic coated plates. What makes a straightener plate stand out from the rest is the quality of the ceramic and how it is applied. A great quality straightener will use fine layers of ceramic baked on to a metal plate. The ceramic tends to chip off on poor quality plates which if used on the hair will really damage it.

Ceramic is now widely used on most straightener plates due to its ability to maintain an even heat, and glide through the hair without snagging or pulling. GHD also introduced advanced heating elements in its straighteners to ensure the plates get an all over even heat distribution with no hot spots to damage the hair. This is something other brands took a long time to implement.

Other Features

The new GHD mark 4 comes with an automatic shut down mode if the straighteners are left inactive for more than 30 minutes. This is great for the forgetful amongst us. Something not often mentioned is that if a room has a temperature of less than 8 degrees celsius, condensation can build up inside the straighteners and ultimately damage the straighteners. to counter this GHD have built in a safety net that means the straighteners will shut down until the room becomes warmer. GHD also introduced the new rounder barrel with the mark 4 as many of us are now experimenting with flicks and curls’ using straighteners and a softer edged barrel means this is easy to achieve.

Beware of Fakes

GHD straighteners are best selling selling straighteners which is why there are many sites that make and sell fake GHDs. My motto would be if it looks too good to be true then it probably is. GHD have a product registration page on their official website, where you can check if your styler in genuine. Although if you have already purchased fake GHD you will probably have a hard time getting your money back from whoever you bought it from. My advice would be to go onto their website prior to buying the GHD’s and use their official GHD salon checker to check that the retailer you are buying from are authorised by GHD.