Ghosts – Strong Arguments in Favor of Their Existence

Are you a staunch believer in supernatural phenomenon? To put it simply, do you think ghosts exist? Or do you feel that ghosts are something people see only when they are drunk? Many skeptics, most of them belonging to the rational world of science and logic, dismiss ghosts are weird light effects or an image created by an over imaginative human mind. Some people, however, are firm believers in the paranormal. If you are a skeptic, you might consider the following arguments before dismissing the paranormal as pure fiction.

Most people argue that ghosts simply cannot exist because they cannot be seen. But what if ghosts are creatures that cannot be seen with physical eyes? Is it wise to dismiss ghosts as fiction just because one cannot see them? What if ghosts can be detected with the help of certain technological devices?

Let us now look at it from a different angle. Have you ever expressed fascination at the thought that your television can capture sounds and images from studios located at a long distance from your living room, where your TV is placed? After all, your TV is just a box comprising a screen and a medley of wires that make no sense to anybody except someone who has done a course on TV technology. You simply have to push a plug into an electric socket, and the television will spring to life. Moreover, you can view any one of the hundreds of channels available.

So, how do these amazing images and sounds reach this little box? The answer is “electro-magnetic waves.” But if you look around you, you simply won’t be able to catch sight of even a single electro magnetic wave. Your inability to see them, however, doesn’t prove that they don’t exist. If they didn’t exist, your TV would not have to able to capture even a single image.

Certain devices can detect these electromagnetic waves, provided the device is set to the correct frequency. Only then will you be able to spot the sounds and images that are broadcast. The images are lost if you change the frequency. What if scientists invent a device that could detect supernatural phenomena, such as ghosts, if turned on at the correct frequency?

Also, remember the basic rules of science. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. Likewise, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. We human beings are pure energy. Ghosts are nothing but the spirits or souls of the deceased. They are the life energy of which science knows nothing.

If only the scientific world makes an effort, it might be able to invent devices that can detect these little-known paranormal creatures that roam the earth, unable to move to the higher realms. Only science can convince the skeptic, and it is entirely within the power of science to study the paranormal.