Giant Lobster Robot for Border Patrol

I suggest a Giant Walking Robot for border patrol and for robotic surveillance of critical infrastructure or military bases. I propose that these units be at first run tele-robotically like the Predator Drones and after after the DARPA Challenge II completely autonomously after that technology comes on line. Until then these units will have command and control centers manned with operators.

Front View: []

Side View: []

Here is a simulator, which we can use for the command and control rescue center:


I also propose that the feet contain hollow tubes and are made of new high-tech composites which have huge vacuum tubes in them which suck up the sand or dirt each time they pick up their feet to prevent making dust and giving away their positions to those who these units are watching out for. I propose that these units be covered with negative ion materials, which will also collect the dust, sand or dirt of the most near terrain. As the unit passes over the land and the changes from dirt to forest or from sand to mud the local terrain will stick to the coating on the unit and therefore maintain camouflage and change with the landscape. This feature will not be needed when the region is constant where the walking robot will be deployed.

Walking technologies are used in forestry for minimum damage to forest. With this walking unit, downed aviators can be rescued without detection and without risking more people. The area where the pilot will be placed will be an inflatable expanding cabin with protection from small arms fire. A 50 Caliber Machine Gun can also be attached if necessary. Forestry walking technologies have an interesting recent history.

First Conceived in 1991 and today the units are sturdy, safe, reliable and can be made from composite, carbon fiber or a variety of materials. These units will be light, quiet, no dust and camouflaged, which changes as they go. They will be able to move through unstable terrain, forests and get to the downed pilot easy.