Glass Balustrades – Enhancing the Overall Look of Your Property

Looking for a material that can be used for enclosing staircases and provide an elegant look to your living space? Why not beautify your home with stylish Glass Balustrades and increase the worth of your property straightaway!

Stairs play an imperative part in people's life as they not only provide safety, but also improve the overall persona of a house or a building. At first, stairs were made from wood, but as the time progressed, new and fresh techniques were introduced, which made the concept of stairs even more safe and attractive. That was the time when people discovered the perfect material for carrying out their home beautification projects, ie 'Glass Balustrades'.

Whether you are thinking of installing a fence around your pool, renovating your existing staircase or providing a spacious look to your office interior, Glass Balustrades can fulfill it all! They are well-known for their style and transparent look that give a luxurious feel to your living space.

What exactly are Glass Balustrade Systems?

These systems are made by mixing toughened glasses with handrails and steel frames, designed in such a way that it compliments your home decor and make your stairs or balcony look stylish and inimitable. So far, it is considered the most beautiful and cost-effective way to make the most of the overlooked space by providing a modern touch of sophistication and ample security to these spaces which include balconies, staircases or decks.

Why choose these Balustrades?

Glass Balustrades have a wide range of benefits, which are mentioned below.

Variety of Designs
• Differ in Types
• Unique Style
• Easy Maintenance
• High Durability
• Clear view
• Easy to install
• Highly secure
• Cost-Effective
• Can resist any scratch, shock or weight

Types of Glass Balustrades

They are of three types, which include:

1. Framed
2. Semi-Frame
3. Frame-less

Framed balustrade systems consist of Glass Panels, Steel Frame and Handrail system. They use toughened or laminated glass, which can either be colored or clear. The frame used here can be made of materials like stainless steel or aluminum. Furthermore, the handrails can be made of materials like wood, brass, stainless steel, aluminum or PVC. This type of system is more tough and safe as compared to other types which include semi-frame and frame-less systems.

Frame-less systems are well-known for their elegant and modern approach. They consist of glass panels, channel tube and steel base, handrails if required. This is the most complete modern design and beautiful in the system types.