Glass Beads – Creating Jewelry

Jewelry creating information can be divided in to three categories. Firstly, information about the various kinds of glass beads and other related materials, secondly, ways of making glass jewelry and thirdly, the various techniques of arriving at the desired pieces of jewelry.

Glass beads have recently become popular since they are unique and quite affordable. With them you can make stylish and spectacular jewelry since the beads come in various designs hence easy to craft necklaces, bracelets as well as earrings.

The materials are easy to use and the firs step in making glass jewelry is to start by making the bead itself by lamp-working. This is the easiest method commonly used and various kinds of beads since they are produced this way.

For a beginner, you should know the basics of making jewelry like the clasps, clamp shells, diachronic glass beads, crimp beads, bugle beads as well as bead caps since they are the basic and common materials.

Having identified and known these basic materials, the next step is to collect and take them to start the actual glass jewelry making.

Having the basics right, the method of crafting entails that every detail, at this stage, must be followed. First, identify a quiet workstation where you will not be distracted and then arrange your materials systematically within reach. As a beginner, the method is easy to implement.

The next step is to come up with a design that appeals to you. Alternatively if this proves difficult, attending glass jewelry crafting class first will make your life little easier.

Choosing semi-precious stones or beads befitting your design makes you acquainted with the necessary techniques in making wire-wrapping, knotting, jewelry stringing and much more.

In addition to the tools discussed, other basic items they you will require to get started in making glass jewelry include and not limited to shell beads, beading wire craft clasps, coloured beads and the glass beads themselves.

It is also recommended that you buy the basic the glass jewelry pattern making hand book to supplement attending classes.

These basics will assist you in creating an understanding of the usual designs; materials as well as techniques to enable you purchase the correct beads that suit your perceived designs.

Remember beads are available in various shapes, sizes colours and materials. It is out of your imagination that you will be able to produce the most unique piece to your amazement!

Knowing where to buy your materials is also important when it comes to quality. With a little experience comes with you finding the set of materials you are comfortable working with since this will in turn become your tool box.

Replenishing your tool box can be done from your favourite bead crafting store through friends’ loyalties or online.

It is our hope that you get started well in the hobby of glass jewelry since as outlined earlier it is quiet rewarding and fun. Hopefully very soon you are sure going to grow your materials collection and unique finished jewelry pieces.