Glass Block Installation – Easy Enough For the Beginner

Glass Block Installation is a home improvement project that almost anyone can do even a beginner. Glass Blocks make a beautiful scene anywhere they are placed. They give off a serene yet elegant atmosphere about them but still give privacy.

The first part of glass block installation is to get all of your measurements together so when you go into the home store you know exactly what or how many you need. The next part is to get all the necessary tools and supplies together so you can do your job correctly to avoid any time consuming trips back to the hardware or home store.

Now that you have all of the necessary tools and supplies it is time to get to work; install a 1 x 2 board along as the frame so that when your blocks are set they will cover the board in the back and front. Now, coat the board with sealer so that moisture doesn’t rot the wood. Now after both of these steps have been done you are ready for the mortar.

Bend the panel anchors into an L shape, nail the panel anchors to the frame and from here on add a new anchor every third row. You are now ready for a set of row blocks and their spacers once this is done you can mix the glass block mortar and using a mortar knife place a layer of mortar in the sill of the block, if you place a block onto this and mortar oozes out then you have done it correctly.

The next step is to place the spacer into place and add your first block, then put another layer of mortar like you did the first and repeat until for the rest of the row then you need to use a level and make sure it is all level. If mortar gets onto any glass blocks wipe it off immediately with a damp rag or sponge to avoid it drying.

The best rule of thumb to follow for installing glass blocks is to complete 3 rows add a line of mortar then place a wire stabilizer on top to reinforce the wall, now you can continue your process until the wall is complete. After your blocks are installed let the mortar dry for 24-36 hours and caulk the edges to block out moisture. You are almost done, if you are installing a wall or panel you will want to lay a bead of silicone caulk around the opening and center the panel keeping it level and now it is ready to be set tap the roofing nails around the panel to keep it in place. Now you can set a trim around the glass and it is ready for you to enjoy.

Installation of glass blocks are very simple and step by step if you allow yourself time and take time then you will have a glass wall installed in no time.