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Chastity and Cuckolding

Chastity and cuckolding seem to go hand in hand, as you’ll no doubt already know if you’ve been researching the male chastity lifestyle for a while. But why do chastity and cuckolding seem to have this link, and, indeed, exactly what are they in relation to one another? Chastity is where the male (usually) consents to allow his wife or partner to assume control of his sexuality in gene... »

How to Host Thankgiving Dinner and Enjoy it Anyway

You've been nominated; or otherwise your family has issued a decree; or perhaps it's simply your turn. No matter what the reason, you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. This need not be a burden. In fact it can be a pleasure, given the right planning and organization. I've found that the key to an almost effortless-looking dinner is thinking backward. Start your Thanksgiving... »

Lies: The Termites of Relationships – Why Do We Lie and How Can We Stop?

We all do it. According to some scientific surveys – and some studies pioneered by psychologist Paul Ekman, an innovator in the study of the relationship between people's emotions and their facial expressions – most people will tell an average of three lies in a typical 10-minute conversation. We like to categorize them, so we can rationalize them. Little white lies, the ones we te... »

How To Make The Marriage Work

Marriage is a faithful commitment for a lifetime towards your partner whom you have chosen because of love. It is the union of two special yet, totally different and unique individuals. You need to understand that being a man you have different needs, wants, outlook in life, principles, and lifestyles from the woman you are marrying or married with. The same is true with the woman – your nee... »

Versatile Patio Covers Make Outdoor Living a Dream

Let's pretend you worked hard to make your patio a beautiful place to relax. It cost you a lot of money, too, because you wanted everything to be perfect. After all, it's too nice to have to stay indoors in beautiful weather, and you look forward to entertaining friends in the lovely and comfortable environment. Naturally, you're extremely disappointed when you invite friends over for ... »

How To Overcome Fear of Heights: 3 Ways To Beat Your Acrophobia

Many people suffer from acrophobia, better known as a fear of heights. If you have this problem, do not be sad because you are not alone. More than 26 million American people suffer from one type phobia or another, including this one. According to researchers, acrophobia can cause a man or woman to fear things related to being far from the ground. For instance, they may equally fear simply climbin... »

Top 7 Reasons New Insurance Agents Fail to Reach Success

I would like to offer some insights as to why I believe such a high percentage of Insurance Agents fail in their first couple years in the insurance business. There can be multiple reasons that contribute to a new insurance agents failure. Here are the most common reasons I have found that lead to failure. Most Insurance Agents have a Limited product portfolio and are unable to cross sell other in... »

The Dos and Don’ts of Upgrades

When it comes to optioning the house, the primary question an investor should be asking themselves upon an acquisition is whether or not the option selected will contribute to the sell-ability of the house, relative to the actual cost. Obviously, there’s a point of diminishing return if one builds a Taj Mahal in a land of tract homes. Despite the urge to go all out and deck the place to the ... »

How Many Phone Lines Does Your Business Need?

Depending on your specific company profile, the number of phone lines your business will need can vary. While you certainly don’t need one phone line per employee, you also don’t want to cut too many corners. To help you decide how many phone lines your business will need, consider the following: The majority of your employees are in the field: If you have a construction company with 5... »

Construction Site Management – Material Storage

A construction site has many materials at any one point. Most of these are usually in their raw state, meaning that they will undergo some process before they can be input into the building to form a part of the building. They come in different forms and can be categorized as below; ยท Factory Goods: These are mostly off the shelf items, they are unique in the fact that they can easily be resold an... »