Glass Dining Table and Coffee Table – Style of Life

The term style of life is described as one of several constructs describing the dynamics of the personality. Have you ever thought of scaling a man’s style of life by his choice of dining table and coffee table. Wondering what I am asking? You may find it an awkward question, but its answer is indeed a yes. Don’t you remember the last time when you went to your colleagues’ house and left gaping after watching those eye-catchy dining table. Although you didn’t say it aloud, but you were all praise for his excellent choice.

A table is composed of mainly two parts- a flat surface and legs that give support to the flat surface. The flat surface is made up of various shapes and materials, which will be discussed later. As far as the legs are concerned, they are given eye-catchy designs. They are made in various shapes by the artisans like twirl, X-shape, V-shape etc

A table can perform various functions. It may be used to read or write. A table specifically designed for office work is a desk, which usually comes with attached drawers. Every morning you take your breakfast at a table, which is better known as dining table. At night, you wish to have various delicacies to be placed on that same dining table. Not just that, even when you are entertaining some guests, then also you need a table to put tea/coffee on it. This is referred to as coffee table.

Each and every house, irrespective of the social status of the owner, requires a table. Blue, red, black, white, off-white- all shades of tables are available in the market. In fact, so many people select the colour of the table according to the paint of their houses. The furniture shops abound with dining tables and coffee tables of different shapes, materials and colours. There are tables in round, square, oval, rectangular and also irregular shapes. As for material, you would find tables of glass, metal, wood, steel etc.

What kind of dining table and chairs you select for your home is just a matter of choice. But the elegance that glass table endows is enviable. Some people feel that glass dining tables and chairs require extra efforts to keep them away from stains and scratches. But that is just a misconception. Even wood table or for that matter any metal table would look old and dirty, if you don’t clean it daily. In fact, it takes a lot of time in wiping out a stain from a wood table. I have witnessed so many wooden tables with that year-long tea stains. On the other hand, a glass dining table or glass coffee table just needs a wet cloth to get that mirror-like reflection.

Comfort and durability should be the topmost priority while making a choice. One may also measure the dimensions of the area where the furniture would be placed. By doing so, one can select the dining table or coffee table according to the size of the area. It would give such an impression to guests that the place is especially designed for the furniture. Prices should be reasonable so it is always advisable that you should first go through the sites of the manufacturers.