Glass Globes – Executive Gifts

There are few really original executive gifts around anymore, some may think. However, if you look just a little harder at some common items, you will see that there are original executive gift ideas, they are just waiting to be bought.

One of these items is the glass globe. There are so many variations on this classic gift, that it is hard to point to just one. There are etched globes, frosted glass globes, even marble globes fall into this category.

The reason they make good executive gifts is due too their universal nature. Everyone has at least some interest in the world and geography. Even if they do not an executive who travels the world or runs a global corporation will certainly see the symbolism.

It is also nice to have a globe on your desk, no matter how stylish and upscale that desk is. A glass globe with a decorative base that is cast in metal and finished in antique bronze, chrome or Gold will only enhance that fine desk top.

Executives, perhaps more than anyone else appreciates the big picture. And a globe is the big picture, one you can fit right on your desktop. It includes a map of the world, usually etched into the surface of the glass globes . This map is detailed enough to give the impression that the world is on your desk. Now, that something every executive wants to be given.

It is a really fine gift for office workers, colleges and as a company award as well.