Glass Splashbacks and Other Options

Are you looking to make some changes to your home, but cannot decide exactly what you would like to do? Why not install some glass splashbacks? This is nothing more than an architectural feature for decorative or functional purposes. Splashbacks can be installed anywhere water may be present and is designed to protect surfaces from water damage. Many choose to go this route also as they are very easy to clean. Choose from a variety of sizes for different applications in your home.

Many choose to use glass splashbacks as shop fronts or partitioning within the interior of the shop. Shop fronts benefit from this as there are no solid walls or bulky frames. Light flows freely into the store and it gives the entire space an uncluttered look. Partitions offer many of the same features and can be used in commercial, office or residential applications. This allows for an open feeling while still offering some privacy for the occupants. Coloured glass may be used for either type.

Are you looking to install sliding glass robe doors or mirrors in your home? When you do so, you give the appearance of a larger living space while also making it look cleaner. Many think of Mirrors as appropriate for the bathroom or bedroom, but actually they can be used in many areas as an architectural feature. Imagine replacing a traditional wall in your living room with a mirrored version. Many options are available and the mirrors are often mounted over glass splashbacks for a modern look

Pool fencing also benefits from glass splashback. Now you can have the protection you need for your pool while still having a clear view of the landscape around you. Chose from either frameless or semi frameless pool fencing and don’t stop there. Be sure to choose handrails that meet your needs without blocking your visibility either. You’ll be able to create the poolside atmosphere you desire.

Others choose to go with glass frameless balustrades on either their balconies or terraces. The balustrades may also be used on staircases. All will be constructed to meet Australian Standards and use quality glass to ensure your safety. This allows for unobstructed views, but you won’t have to sacrifice durability or strength in the process. Be sure to check out all options when you go to make changes in your home. You’ll be impressed with what you can do in a short period of time.