Globes are a perfect representation of the earth. With their spherical shape, globes can depict how the earth looks exactly when seen from space, unlike a map. They have a realistic look which can be further enhanced by using colors and other effects to create a natural look.

Like maps, globes also show accurate directions, dimensions, distances, shapes, and sizes of all the countries in the world, and even their economic, social, and political status as well as their standard times and weathers. Most globe-makers use high-quality geographic research and cartographic abilities to design globes. They are also regularly updated to take note of any changes in the world's political or social environment such as changes in a country's name or the splitting of a continent.

The main aspects in a globe are the equator, the prime meridian, the latitudes, and the longitudes. The location of these lines and the angles between the lines are used to determine the exact location of a place. The time at a particular place can also be calculated by counting the number of meridians. Most globes have all the countries listed on them, along with their capitals and major cities within the countries.

Globes are of many different kinds: floor globes, pocket globes, novel globes, table globes, antique globes, digital globes, bookcase globes, classroom globes, kids' globes, interactive globes, talking globes, old-world globes, globe sculptures, garden globes, display globes, day-night globes, illuminated globes, spinning globes, rotating globes, floating globes, relief globes, raised-relief globes, ecospheres, and so on. They are also of different sizes: small, desk size, medium, large, and extra large. Globes are also fitted with other equipment like clocks, lamps, bookends, or encrusted in paperweights, pen stands, flower vases, key-rings, and other ornamental creations to make them more useful and appealing.

There are also unique globes that are hand-crafted with painstaking detail using glass, copper, gemstones, and even silver and gold. These are collectors' items priced at thousands of dollars, some as high as $ 500,000. Then there are the celestial globes that represent other planets in the solar system, the moon, and other celestial bodies or those globes that focus only on oceans. Antique globes dating back to the early nineteenth century are also very popular.

These days, there is no limit to globe designing. Most globes are being incorporated with latest design techniques to make them more attractive. Some manufacturers are also offering custom-designed globes that would serve as ideal corporate, promotional, or executive gifts for all sorts of people.