Go Green With Earth Friendly Soapstone Stoves

The latest trend is going green and for good reason too. Not only do you help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, you are also saving money in the long run when it comes to using green products in the home. One such example of this is using soapstone to heat your home. With the costs of oil and electricity rising, many savvy homeowners are turning to soapstone stoves to get through those cold nights.

Soapstone stoves are actually quite environmentally friendly. These fireplaces and stoves burns its fuel completely, leaving very little dust and smoke. When there is less smoke produced, the quality of the air inside your home is cleaner to breathe, which is perfect for those with allergies. When there is little ash or soot left, cleaning a soapstone stove is quite easy and not messy at all. The same can not be said about the more traditional fireplaces.

A soapstone stove or fireplace not only reduces any airborne pollution in your home, but it also saves you money on heating costs over the course of the year. Plus, you simply can not beat the way soapstone looks in your home. It greatly gains to overall look and feel of the interior, no matter what the room.

Because of soapstone's natural makeup it stores heat and then slowly radiates it back out. This means the heat produced by your soapstone stove slowly heats the air in the room long after the fire is out. The heat coming from your fireplace can even pass through the walls the interior walls of your home to nearby rooms heating them in the process. You save money on heating costs for all of these rooms thanks to one soapstone stove.

With all of these environmentally friendly benefits of using soapstone, the icing on the cake is the unique beauty of the actual stone. Soapstone is one of the most beautiful stones used for the interior of homes. Soapstone features veining much like marble but it is much softer to the touch.

Another great quality of soapstone is its many brilliant colors which perfectly complement or contrast any home's interior decor. When a special mineral oil is applied to the stone, the base color becomes darker in color and its veining more dramatic due to a greater contrast in shades. I've seen soapstone stoves with a dark shade of green for a base highlighted with emerald veining. The look was simply brilliant. This is just one example of many of the different looks available for your new soapstone stove or fireplace.