Goal Setting For the Successful Painter

One thing all successful business owners have in common is that they are intensely goal oriented. They know what they want, and, are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish what they set their sights on.

When I started my painting business I didn’t have a plan, I took any job I could find, hoping to make enough money to pay the bills. In fact, just paying the bills was all I did for another nine years! When my wife and I finally decided to start a family I realized things would never get better until I changed the way I thought about my painting business.

The moment I sat down and wrote out a plan for the life I was determine to have was the moment my life changed. That plan quickly turned into clear goals, and those goals gave me the inspiration and the drive that enabled me to quadruple my income in one year.

In this article I’ll show you how to apply three simple, easy-to-follow methods and techniques to set goals that will put your painting business (and your life) on the fast-track to achieving extraordinary results.

Step 1-Decide exactly what you want

When you become absolutely clear about your goal, your ability to achieve it increases dramatically. Earl Nightingale put it this way, “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. It’s as simple as that.”

The first step in goal setting is to decide what you want to achieve in your painting business. Realize you have virtually unlimited potential to be or have anything you desire. It’s simply a matter of wanting it badly enough, and being willing to work hard enough.

Once I knew exactly what I wanted it all became clear. I cut all ties to the type of painting work that was holding me back. With no prospects on the horizon I told all the builders I was working for to find someone else to do their painting.

Making that one clear decision put the gears in motion to take immediate action and carry out my plans or I’d soon be filing for bankruptcy! Just knowing there was absolutely no way I would let myself or my family down forced me to create my dream business and that’s helped me accomplish all my goals.

Step 2- Write your goals down

The simple act of putting your goals in writing makes them visible and more tangible. It’s no longer just a though in your head. Seeing it on paper will help you to determine your priorities, get organized, and find it easier to stay focused on what you want.

Write your goal in a positive way, make them time sensitive, and be sure to include a plan of action. For example instead of writing, “I would like to double my income in the next year or two.” Be more specific and positive by writing, “I will double my income this year! I’ll do that by starting one hour earlier each morning, increasing my advertising budget by 25%, making five more sales calls each week, and hiring two more people, enabling me to operate a second crew.”

Next, give your goals power by writing them in the present tense and relating them to your own life goals. Try adding something like, “What a great feeling it is to own a successful business. Because of all the money I’m now bringing in I’m debt free. I’m now able to take my family on great vacations anytime I want! – Next stop; Disney World!!

Step 3- Take persistent action

Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins says, “Goals are just a dream with a deadline.” Make up your mind that you’ll do something everyday that brings you closer to your goals. Your business goals should reflect and support your personal goals

Become selfish about how you spend your time. Get in the habit of asking yourself, “Will this decision take me closer or further from my goals?” Decide right now that you’re no longer willing to pay the price your old habits are charging. Take an active role in your decision making and refuse to just, “go with the flow.”

The primary difference between high achievers and everyone else is persistence. As soon as successful people become fixed on a goal they take immediate action and don’t stop until the goal is achieved. If you’re not operating your painting business the way you dreamed, it’s because you just haven’t found strong enough reasons yet. Strong reasons fuel your emotions with a burning desire to take persistent action to create the business (and life) of your dreams.

Just remember to slow down occasionally to enjoy the journey. In its own way it’s as exciting and as fulfilling as the destination. Dream big dreams and set big goals. Always shoot for the moon that way even if you miss, you’ll still be among the stars!