God Has a Plan For You

Do you think Our Father In Heaven and Jesus Christ know you?

Do you think Father has a plan for your life?

Is it possible He knew you before you came to earth and sent you here on a Mission?

How many of you believe in Satan, the Devil or Lucifer?

Do you think Satan knows you too and knows your life’s mission? Do you believe he wants to stop you from accomplishing your life’s mission? Stop you from doing what God sent you to earth to do?

We don’t remember any of that, but in the scriptures there are accounts of people, in the bible, who he definitely knew and had a life plan for them, and even knew things about how they would live their life?

Do you know any of those people?

Jesus Christ.

John the Baptist



Jesus was God’s son and had a special mission to teach us God’s Gospel and to sacrifice his own life to save all of us. The Angel Gabriel-New Testament-(Matthew 1:21) told Joseph -that Mary would bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS. For he shall save his people from their sins.

Did Satan- the Devil – know God’s plan? Yes. Did he try to stop him? Yes he tried to win him away from God by making big promises to him- (Matthew 4: 8-10)

What did Jesus say to Satan? (Matt 4:10) Get Thee hence Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.

John the Baptist

An angel of God also appeared to John’s father Zacharias and told him his wife would also have a baby and what that baby would do.

Luke; 1:15 and in Luke 1:76 – His father was told that John shalt be called the prophet of the Highest: for thou shalt go before the face of the Lord to prepare his ways. He did this and prepared the people by teaching them to repent and be baptized and got them ready for Jesus to come to them and John even baptized Jesus.

Interestingly – Zacharias was told of his son (Matt: 1:15) for he shall be great in the sight of the Lord and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink? And he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost.

Was John’s mission important? Yes


When the children of Israel had been in bondage for 40 years God raised up a person, who would begin to deliver them out of the hands of the Egyptians.

Before Samuel was born, an angel came to his mother- old testament- (Judges 13:3,4,5) and told her she would have a son and told her his mission but also told her something very interesting. He told her “drink not wine nor strong drink and eat not any unclean thing.”

If God loves us and knew us before we were born and has sent each one of us on a mission, like he did Jesus, John the Baptist and Samuel and he tells us not to use alcohol or drugs – do you think Satan knows that too? If so, if you were Satan what would you try to get us to do, so he could stop us from fulfilling God’s mission for us and destroy us?

Don’t you think Satan would try to get us to use the very things he said John the Baptist should not use and Samuel’s mother should not use, to try to destroy us too?

Yes there is very much significance in God not wanting us to use wine or strong drink or eat anything unclean – I see those things being alcohol and drugs.

If Satan can get us to use these things, we all know we can become addicted, and if we are addicted we have lost our freedom and Satan has control of us and he can then stop us from ever fully living our life and he will stop us from fulfilling the job God sent us here to do?

How many of you have seen people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs and have seen how Satan controls and destroys them?

I have a personal experience in my life – My Dad died an alcoholic at the age of 57 after destroying the lives of his family with his addiction.

If you truly believe you are a child of God and that God loves you and he has a very special purpose, job, mission for you to fulfill, then you must be smart enough to be aware of Satan and his temptations to get you to do things which can destroy you.

Alcohol and Drugs are his greatest tools but there are other things he will try to do, to stop you from reaching your potential and fulfilling your mission.

What are some of things he will tell you to do?

Don’t pray

Don’t read scriptures

Don’t go to church

Don’t go to school


Use the Lords name in vain

Don’t obey the Ten Commandments

Be disobedient

Be unkind


Remember, the truth is, we have a Father-in Heaven who loves us. We have his Son Jesus Christ who loves us and who died for us so we can repent and return to them. Always remember God sent you here on a mission to help prepare the earth for his second coming and that Jesus will come again. We each have a part in that mission. We are just like John, who prepared the people for the first time Jesus came. We all have the same mission now, to prepare the earth for Savior’s second and final coming and return.

Along with that, we can never forget, that Satan knows our purpose and us and mission and it is his plan to do all he can to stop us from doing our Fathers work and fulfilling his plan for us.

We have to be very careful and not allow Satan to be successful in our lives. We must choose: no alcohol or drugs. We must pray and read scriptures etc.

God loves us, Jesus Christ loves us and they will give us the power to be able to say “Get Thee Hence Satan”, and thereby make the right choices to fulfill our life’s calling, and to have a happy and successful life and have the blessing of returning to live with our Father-In Heaven and his Son, our Brother, Jesus Christ.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.