Going Global – Home Decoration

With international travel so accessible now, lots of global elements are finding their way into our homes. My home is influenced by stylish Scandinavia but, funnily enough, I’ve never been there. Here are a few different global home decoration styles.

Turning Japanese

The simplicity and serenity of Japanese style makes it an ideal backdrop for busy lives. Wooden or tile floors are a great place to start, while plain white painted walls provide a perfect canvas for delicate decorations. Paper is another big look in Japan and, or of course, your home will really look the part with the addition of orchid plants of the real, or even the silk, variety.

C’est la Vie

French provincial style is easy to achieve and appeals to everybody as it provides a chance to mix and match colours and patterns in a relaxed way. In the kitchen, think rustic, with lots of terracotta pots, woven baskets, hanging garlic bulbs and those ubiquitous French motifs of the rooster and the fleur-de-lis. Furniture should be simple and countrified with rush seating on chairs and chicken wire netting doors on cupboards.

Out of Africa

Rich, earthy colours are the key to a successful African look and textures such as wood, bamboo, raffia and metallics add further interest. New Zealanders are big fans of African style and this theme comes through most seasons in our home wares stores, where you can find various animal print accessories. From cushions and quilt covers to trays and photo frames, zebra and leopard prints are also essential ingredients for your stylish home grown Savannah.