Going to the Toilet in the Bush

Going to the toilet is a sensitive subject, and for good reason. Everyone loves the toilet that they have at home, but unfortunately when you head miles from civilisation you can’t take one of these with you. However, you can take a number of different options, which are all considerably better than squatting over a hole in the ground! I’d like to remind people of the importance of going to the toilet correctly – at least 100 metres away from any water source, and by digging at least 30 centimeters down to bury the waste. There is nothing more off putting than arriving at an amazing location only to see bits of toilet paper sticking out of the ground. Do the right thing and make sure that these great places are kept open for everyone to enjoy.

There are a few options when it comes to toilets in the bush, and the cheapest is literally a camp chair with a hole in it. You can purchase these for around $20, and you simply put the legs around a hole in the ground, and then you can sit on the toilet and do your business. When you are done, fill the hole in and leave it like it was before. If you want something even more luxurious, you can purchase a chemical toilet. These are a bit bigger, but don’t require you to empty the ‘stuff’ into the ground. Some chemicals keep the toilet smelling nice and they last for several days before you need to empty them. If the chemicals are biodegradable, you can tip it out down a big hole, or you take it to a waste disposal station.

The other option is a toilet that is connected to a bag. You can take special bags that are designed to degrade in the dirt, and these are allowed to be buried (at least 30cm!). Alternatively, some people leave the bag in the toilet and take it home. Whatever your choice, there are plenty of ways to comfortably go to the toilet in the bush. I know a lot of people that are put off camping purely because they are unable to go to the toilet in comfort!

The last option (least preferable) is to dig a hole in the ground, and crouch over it. This is easily done, but it is uncomfortable and really not that pleasant. I’d suggest spending a bit of money on a decent camping toilet – you will be thankful for it, believe me!