Gold, Silver And Bronze Only

God said to Moses to ask the children of Israel to make him an offering and Moses should accept the offering only from those that give freely from their heart. God then gave a list of the materials that Moses could accept from them. These include gold, silver, bronze, blue, purple and scarlet threads, fine linen and goat hair; ram skin dyed red, badger skins and acacia wood, oil for light, spices for the anointing oil, onyx stone. God then told Moses that the materials should be used to build Him a sanctuary so that he can dwell among his people. And He wave Moses a specific plan of how the sanctuary was to be constructed.

God wanted to have a building among the Israelites but he did not start by asking them to build but he asked them to make him an offering of the building materials first. However, he was very specific about the kind of materials he wanted for the house. Yes, he asked each man to make a free will donation but he wanted only the best material. The Jews were just coming out of slavery and had only one night to collect things from the Egyptians. So, they were still poor but God will not collect anything except the materials he listed. He also provided a specific plan of how the sanctuary was to be constructed meaning that no material was to be replaced with one of lower quality or that the size of the build was up to the Jews to decide.

It would seem as if God was over tasking them to get precious materials for his sanctuary but a closer look will reveal the fundamental principle God was trying to teach them. This principle is, in the long run, high quality material is far cheaper than just OK quality material. In fact after building that sanctuary and the ark of the covenant from the donated material, there was no need to ever replace any part of the objects made up to the time of exile.

Secondly, God was trying to teach them the mentality of the rich and noble. God knew that if you expect a man long enough to a new idea, it will soon become a normal idea to him. So if He had a house built from very precious materials in their mid, with time the former slaves will begin to see gold, silver and bronze as ordinary every day material and will no longer be intimidated by it or any kind of wealth.

Of note is the point that God did not tell them the quantity that should donate or the time the sanctuary must be ready meaning that no matter the length of time it was taken to get the quality material God was not ready to compromise on quality. He would rather wait for the material to be enough before construction is started than manage iron in place of silver in some places.

In business, we must learn from God. Quality is cheaper in the long run. In any project we are running, we must under no circumstance compromise on quality. It is better to have delay in delivery than to deliver a lower quality product on time. We should also have around us expensive structures and items that will help motivate us and drive our passion to succeed and that will help remove the awe and fear people typically have for expensive well designed structures and environment.