Golden Retriever Grooming: Keeping Your Dog Groomed Is Easy

Golden Retriever grooming may not be a task you would most likely enjoy, but taking time to do it will give you a special bonding time with your dog. Spending a great deal of your time looking after the well-being of your dog is very rewarding. You should learn how to properly care for him.
Here are easy tips for you to follow as you take on the important task of grooming your dog.

Trimming the Nails
Long nails would mean dirty and painful paws. Have you noticed your dog scratching on a wood or   pavement ? They use them as nail files to keep them from making him uncomfortable when walking or running. Your pet should involve the regular trimming of your dog’s nails. The rule of thumb is, be calm and relaxed as you do your tasks on your dog. Talk to him as you go through the process.

Bathing and Ear Cleaning
Give this type of dog a regular bath once a week. You don’t have to use expensive dog shampoo on him. A conditioner is also a great way to keep your dog’s coat soft and manageable. As you bathe your Golden Retriever, take an extra care around his ears. Keep water from entering his ears which could lead to ear infections. Make sure his ears dry after bathing.

A regular Golden Retriever grooming also includes cleaning your dog’s ears at least once a week, preferably after his bath time. Ears must be pink inside. Never use a cotton swab to clean the inside of his ears. Instead, use a cotton balls or soft cloth with ear solution for dogs or you can opt to use mineral oil, tea tree oil or hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth Brushing
Who wouldn’t want your dog to have healthy gums, fresh breath and clean teeth? Make sure you ask your vet what size of dog toothbrush to use or the kind of toothpaste and proper dental care for your dog.

Never use your toothpaste on your dog. Since human toothpaste is inedible, you should not use it on your dog for he has the tendency to swallow it. Instead, get some meat-flavored toothpaste. Be extra careful when handling your dog’s mouth. Begin by touching his teeth and slowly introduce the brush. In circular motion, brush his teeth carefully paying attention under the gum line.

Grooming of your pet dog is a vital aspect to a healthy breed. Your 30 minutes spent in grooming your dog will keep him healthy and strengthen your bond. You can also take him to a professional groomer if you are a busy owner. Remember that keeping your dog groomed can be easy and fun for both of you.