Golf Bags and Accessories For The Walking Golfer

Golf bags are a necessity on the golf course. Without them players would struggle from hole to hole trying to carry their clubs and other golf accessories. It would take them all day to finish the course and it would not be much fun. Before any golfer tees off, they need to make sure they've bought along the necessary golf accessories to play a good round. Some golfers go for the basics while others go for luxury. Whatever their personal preference, it's what's in the bag that counts.

Golf bags are the number one 'must have' accessory. The market is full of golf bags from those that are ultra-light to lightweight, stand bags, cart bags and those that offer a bit more luxury. Try not to be overwhelmed when choosing a golf bag.

For golfers who will be walking the course an ultra-light or light weight bag is the best option. Lugging around clubs and other accessories can be tiring. Golf bags come with the option of one or two straps. The double strapped golf bag spreads out the weight over the golfer's back making carrying a heavy bag a bit easier and more comfortable.

Handles made for carrying and hip pads made for comfort are strategically placed on the bags. Another option for the walking golfer is to choose a bag with rollers on the bottom. Rollers make it much easier to pull the bag around the course and most can be used over different turfs and wet ground.

Stand bags do exactly what their name implies. Golfers using a stand bag no longer have to lay their golf bags on the ground where they may get in the way. The stands are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the bag and its contents. Each stand bag comes with a weight limit so the golfer knows not to over pack.

Golf gloves are another accessory that most golfers can not live without. Sense of touch is an important part in swinging the golf club and can enhance the golfer's game. The most important detail in any golf glove is its fit. Golfers should try on multiple pairs before choosing a glove. Those who use only one glove need to make sure they are fitting the glove to the correct hand. Left handed golfers need a glove for the right hand and vice versa for right handed golfers.

Golf tees are also an important accessory in any golf bag. Tees allow the player to 'tee off' at the beginning of each hole with the ball slightly elevated off the ground. Tees come in different sizes – some longer, some shorter. Selecting the size of the golf tee comes down to the personal preference of the golfer.