Golf Hole In One Frames

For an avid golf player, nothing compares to a hole in one experience. If you are one of those who have sent the golf ball into the hole with a single stroke, then you must be really overwhelmed and proud. Why not? For an average golf player, the likelihood of accomplishing such a feat is rare. Only one in 8,000 can do so.

Memories of such a victory are priceless. There are a lot of ways to preserve such good memories-and one is through golf hole in one frames. You can frame a photograph that shows you making that winning stroke. This picture can adorn your desk at home or in the office, or hang on the wall of your living room.

Golf-inspired picture frames are specially designed to match your passion for the game. Their borders are usually decorated with miniature golf equipment and accessories such as golf clubs, golf balls and golf shoes. These frames do not only serve as ornaments but also souvenirs that bring back wonderful golfing memories.

Hole in one frames make excellent gifts for your golfing buddies or for those you know who celebrate the excitement of the game. Aside from their favorite golf photograph, you can place the picture of their favorite professional golfer in the frame.

Typical 4’x 6′ wood frames sell for about $10 to $24. Lacquered wood frames that hold 5’x 7′ photographs usually sell for about $25. Frames made of high-quality materials go for $30 on up to $40.

If you are up for some creative work, you can make the frame yourself. You can use thick cardboard or heavyweight paper for the frame, then paint it with acrylic paint. You can use plexi glass rather than standard glass. Plexi glass is less expensive, lighter, stronger and more shatter-resistant than normal glass.