Golf Language – It Helps to Know Golf Vocabulary

Like every other sports, the game of golf has it own set of vocabulary and commonly used words. For a novice golfer, it would certainly helps in knowing the language of golf in order to enjoy the game and the company of their fellow golfers.

Some of the more common and popular words and phrases used by golfers that would help you get going in this wonderful game include the following: –

1. Handicap – the numerical rating of the golfer in relation to par. The lower the handicap, the better is the player.

2. Driver – the club used by the golfer to produce the maximum distance with the ball when teeing off.

3. Fairway – the part of the golf course between the tee and the green.

4. Green – putting surface where the target hole and flagstick are placed.

5. Clubface – the part of the club that meets the ball when hitting a shot.

6. Fore – a term used to let other golfers know that the golf ball has been hit and coming their way. This is to ensure that other golfers are not injured.

7. Hazard – any obstacles, lakes, rivers, streams, sand bunkers (or sand trap) and rough, the area where the grass is long.

8. Out of bound – the area outside the playing area of ​​the course, marked by white stakes.

9. Scorecard – A card used to write down your score. It also provides information about the course such as the par and yardage of the each hole. Sometimes, a diagram of the course is shown in the course.

10. Hook – a shot that curves from left to right.

11. Par – the number of strokes a golfer requires takes to complete a hole.

12. Bogey – A bogey is an additional stroke over par that a golfer has taken to complete a hole. For example, a golfer is said to have a bogey if he has taken five strokes to complete a par four hole.

13. Birdie – A golfer is said to have achieved a birdie if he has made one stroke under par to complete a hole. He has a birdie if he had taken three strokes to complete a par four hole.

14. Eagle – If the golfer has taken two strokes less to complete a hole, he is said to have achieved an eagle.

Golf is a great game and is getting ever popular with the young and old alike. You are never too young nor too old to pick up his ever popular sport. Golf courses are sprouting up even in many developing countries over the last decade. If you are a golf beginner, picking up the language of the golf and its vocabulary will certainly help you click with your fellow golfers and enjoy the comradeship on the course much more.