Golf Power And Accuracy Is Best Attributed By Using The Levers Of The Body Correctly

The single largest cause of a lack of power and / or accuracy, plus potential physical injury is the improper use of the levers of the body.

These levers, when used properly, can dynamically increase club head speed as they also control the club for accuracy yet not cause physical harm to the body.

Since every human, except for unusual cases, has the same number of bones (levers) and joints (hinges) a mechanically correct series of body motions can use these levers in a sequenced fashion to create a perfect golf swing.

When the levers are acted in the correct manner the body can maintain a totally stable swing circle center yet use the weight of the body and the power of the legs to rotate the upper lever assembly generate an extreme amount of club head speed and yet have control Of the club.

In the perfect golf swing; The actions of the back swing set the levers and stretch the muscles that will be used in the down swing, so that the return actions are pre-programmed to correctly respond simply by reversing their motors.

This way of swinging the club has been used recently by Jaacob Bowden, Pinnacle Distance Challenge Champion, to drive the ball 421 yards to win his last long drive competition in Warner Springs. He used the same motions to win the above mentioned championship in 2003 in St. Louis. Louis. Not simply a long driver several days ago Jaacob shot 69 to open the first round of the Long Beach open and competed for 1 year on the Hooters tour.

John Marshall of Atlanta GA used the non rolling forearm release to win both the 2005 and 2006 National Super Seniors division of the ALDA. Jim Liska the first runner up in 2006 used the same method. Both won their 2006 Remax Worlds Championship District Qualifiers. Both are accredited instructors of the aperfectswing method.

This action creates a beautiful looking golf swing that is done in an entirely different way than the conventional golf swing. It is unique in that it does not use a rolling over forearm release, nor does it use a whirling action of the body.