Golf – The Lure of the Game

Golf is more than just a sport. It is an obsession, addiction, and a way of life. Why do golfers enjoy golf so much? After all; what could be so exciting about walking around a field, and swinging a stick at a ball? I mean come on! Golf is just a boring non-contact sport that old people play; a "good walk spoiled," as Mark Twain once said. Or is it?

I can tell you one thousand reasons, why I like golf so much. Just within the past couple years, it has become my obsession. The summer is the one time of the year that I look forward to; because I get to spend it at the golf course. Let me try explain to you the lure of golf. I do not think I can justify the beauty of the game in words, but I will attempt it. I am going to try and explain why golfers are so nuts about golf.

The Addiction

The first time I attempted to go out on a golf course, I of course, was not a very good golfer. I did take naturally to the sport though, and my friends were pretty impressed. At first the game was frustrating, because I could not finish a hole. I just had to keep trying though! I would have a relatively nice shot every once in awhile. Each time I had a little taste of success with my hit, I would crave that feeling more and more. Eventually, I pared a hole! I wanted to par every hole; just paring one hole was not good enough for me.

The rest of that summer, I continued to go golfing on a very regular basis. By the end of the summer I was out playing every single day. Each day, my goal was to beat my current personal best score. I became a perfectionist at golf, and would get mad if I messed up on a shot. Basically, I became addicted to the game that summer; and golf has been a part of my life ever since.

The Environment

So golf is a boring sport for old people, huh? NO! I can not think of any sport that is half as entertaining as golf. In baseball, football, and soccer, you are stuck within a 100 yard radius the entire game. In golf, you are never in the same place for more than a few minutes. You are able to spend time in the great outdoors, enjoying the weather, and scenery.

I love golf, because I can either play by myself, or it can be a social sport. Going out on the course, and walking eighteen holes alone provides for some great thinking and reflecting time. At the same time, golf can be played with other people, and is an ideal activity in which to bond with other people.

Not to mention, what other sport can you get drunk while playing … and sometimes even play better drunk than sober! "Party Golf," as I call it, can either loosen you up enough to hit the ball smoothly; or can be disastrous, depending on how many beverages are consumed. Either way; it is fun!
The Social Aspect

By far, my favorite part of golf is the social aspect of the game. I have met some of the most awesome people, and have befriended individuals that I never thought I would ever socialize with.

Golf is an amazing way to create bonds with people. I have gotten to know so many people by just playing golf with them. Something about the game brings people together. Everyone at the club that I work at all has the same goal in mind; to play well! It makes for endless amounts of conversation. Put two strangers in a room together; and if two of them are golfers, they will have an instant conversation.

Not only has the golf club given me unexpected friendships, but it has given me connections. I know lawyers, real estate agents, doctors, and countless other professionals.

Like I said; I do not know that I can put words to how much golf has changed my life. It just has. I will stop trying to explain the lure of golf to you; and let you find out for yourself. Trust me; once you become addicted to golf, you will understand.