Google AdSense A Win-Win For Advertisers and Webmasters

Google AdSense is a revenue generating program for webmasters and a marketing campaign for advertisers. Google serves as a bridge between the products and the customers. The business men who want to sell their products are searching for markets to advertise them. When their advertisements reach more people then they are likely to get more customers for their products. The webmasters who own websites are searching for opportunities to make money using their website. Google perfectly understands the need of both the ends and beautifully connotes them by means of AdSense.

The business owners or advertisers in Google's perspective register their ads with Google AdSense. Google does some research on the ads and if the ads are found legal, then they will be published by Google in the websites which owners are interested to place them. The advertisers pay Google for sending customers for their websites. Google pays a portion of this money to all the webmasters who send their visitors to the advertiser's websites.

The advertisers must register for advertiser's account with AdSense. After approving the target website and the ads you can place the bid for the main keywords of your ads. The highest bidder wins the keywords. The bid is specified as the amount paid per click. When you compete for a hot keyword, you have to bid more. But when you bid for a more targeted but less liked keyword, you can win the bid for a lower amount.

The webmasters must register for an account with Google AdSense. After approving your website, Google will then crawl your website to find the main keywords to place relevant ads on your website. Although you can assist Google to place relevant ads by specifications and blocking you can not decide exactly what ads will appear on your website. You will be paid when your visitor clicks on the ads and views the advertiser's website.

Google has strict privacy policy. The advertisers do not know on which websites their ads are placed and the vice versa is also true. Google decides everything. If any illegal activity is found with the webmaster or advertiser Google has the right to deactivate the account. All your contacts regarding AdSense must be only with Google. If you find anything suspicious about your ads or website, you must report only to Google.

To be a part of Google AdSense program you must be atleast 18 years of age. When you apply for the program you have to fill in the application from correctly otherwise you will be disapproved by Google. Once disapproved, you can never get approval for the same website from Google. Google adds disapproved websites in a black list and you will be denied forever. Google does not allow any communications directly between the advertiser and the webmaster. Any illegal transactions are not allowed. Google AdSense does not guarantee the number of customers to the advertisers and do not guarantee the revenue for webmasters. It all depends on your own ability and skills to attract visitors.

Fraudulent or computer generated clicks are not allowed by Google. Google AdSense collects a special team of members that watch all the websites registered with Google for any fraudulent activity. Google is very strict with its policies and you will be disapproved without any clarification if any illegal activity is found. Google never cheats the advertisers and you need to pay Google only if a valid click is generated out of your ads.

Google AdSense is a grate program that is beneficial to both advertisers and webmasters. If you are genuine and clean you will definitely love the Google AdSense program. It is always a Win -Win for both the ends. So if you have a running website then you can certainly monetize your website with AdSense to taste the passive income which does not require any extra effort.