Google Free Keyword Tool

What is Google Keyword Tool? First, it is probably the most popular free keyword research analytical tool on the internet. Second, it is a good, intensive and reliable way to research possible keywords for your internet marketing efforts of your home based internet business.

You might ask why such a tool would be offered for free by Google? Simple. Google is presently the biggest and most popular search engine on the internet. As such, they are incented to get you to continue using their search engine. What better way than to provide a valuable keyword research tool for free to provide you with information on what keywords people are checking out on Google!

Conducting keyword research will help you determine effective keywords for your internet marketing and can dramatically improve your lead generation results. When people type into the search box on any search engine, they are usually looking for something in particular. If it happens to be in your product or service area, your goal is to get them to visit your website. Keywords are such an important component in getting this to happen. (Of course there are other aspects such as personal branding, relationship building, and of course … Trust!).

Get to the To a Free Google Keyword Tool All , put an in your browser. Whether you're a novice or an expert, begin by generally deciding on a few topics and write down a list of possible keywords and keyword phrases. Single keywords will pull up a Broad range of results while specific 4 to 7 word phrases will pull up a more Exact range of results. Most of the time the competition for the Broad keywords will be high. To attract more traffic to your site, it is often more beneficial to use exact keyword phrases.

Once you plug in the keywords from your list, conduct a basic analysis on the results one keyword at a time. The best combination to look for is a low Competition level and a decent or high level of Global Monthly Searches. You can also look at the Local Monthly Searches.

Say you want to check out YouTube in the Google Free Keyword Tool. By typing in "YouTube Marketing" in the Word or Phrase search box and clicking on the Search box, the list of keyword phrases will be extensive, beginning with your choice of "YouTube Marketing". The competition is at a medium level, so not bad. The Global Monthly Searches is showing as 14,800 so an okay number. Now begin scrolling down the list.

The ninth phrase down the list is "Make Money On YouTube". The green bar graph shows a really low level of competition. Great. The Global Monthly Searches is 33,100 so over twice the searches of your original keyword search. This suggests a better choice for your keywords choice.

You get the idea. Do some more research and you'll come up with some truly effective keyword selections to plug into the various aspects of your internet marketing using Google Free Keyword Tool For your home based internet business.