Google Pages Offer Free Hosting – Easy Way to Get on the Net

With the Internet the way it is today, if you do not have a website you are nothing. You do not exist. Luckily, anyone can have a web presence for free. That’s right absolutely free. There are several web services out there that allow you to do this; I will look at my favorite. The first is Google Pages. If you have a Google account (contact me if you don’t and you want one) you have access to Google Pages.

Google Pages is very much like angel fire from back in the day. There are several designs and color schemes to choose from. There is 100mb of upload space, so you can design your own pages and upload them as well. The design feature is like a stripped down   frontage  interface which is easy to use. You can upload your own images and link to any other page on the web. The layouts offered are simple but effective. Google gives you an easy to use, well designed page in a matter of minutes.

The one draw back is the raw html support. There is an option to edit html, but things like JavaScript and ad sense ads do not always display correctly. The work around is to design your own pages in your favorite editor and upload them. You are limited to 100mbs, but it’s free so it’s hard to complain.