Gorilla Ladder – Discover The Many Benefits Of These Amazing Ladders And Why You Need One

If you are looking for a ladder that does more than just stand against a wall then look no further than a multiple position Gorilla ladder. You can find them in aluminum or fiberglass, which will assure you of strength and durability. There are 3 sizes in the aluminum and 2 in the fiberglass. For the general homeowner a 13′ will probably be sufficient.

These versatile little climbing frames can be used as a flat extension type, a two sided A frame, can be divided into two smaller A frame versions so as to support a plank or scaffolding and it can also be used on uneven ground such as stairs. All of these positions can also be extended to different heights. Twenty-four versions in all.

Of course, by having something so versatile you will need to pay more than for the standard option. But when you think of how much use you will get from one of these it will be worth every cent that you pay. You will also be happy to know that they fold up to a conveniently small size for easy storage. That, in it self is a bonus.

You probably have already heard of The Little Giant multi-purpose folding option and how versatile it is. Well, in comparison the Gorilla option is much cheaper and yet just as well made with just as many multiple positions as well as a lifetime limited warranty. Of course if you are looking for something specific and not multiple functioning then you will also be happy to know that there are stepladders, single sided, double sided and extension options for you to choose from as well.

So whether you are a home handyman, a tradesman or an industrial business then there is still something for you. In fact, even the lady of the house can do with a nice stepladder for the kitchen. I know that we have been extremely happy with our multiple position Gorilla ladder not only because it is a great product but also because it really is value for money.