Got Bags Under Eyes? – Top 5 Secret Cures You've Never Tried Before

Have you ever had this happened to you? You wake up in the morning after a late or restless night only to be horrified at the sight of puffy, dark bags under eyes staring right back at you? I know I have. And it is not pretty! Well forget cucumber slices and tea bags! I have learned some killer tricks that can eliminate these unsightly bags quickly and easily.

1. Each morning – before you take that dreaded glance in the mirror – take some very deep breaths and do 10 quick mini jumping jacks. Wait about 10 minutes and the eye bags will be gone! This easy morning routine gets the blood flowing and helps to drain the fluid build up from under your eyes.

2. Combine two of the best all-time eye bag treatments in one! We all know that cold compresses are often used to help reduce inflammation and eye creams help to moisturize and smooth out the skin, right? So keep your eye cream in the fridge and get the best of both worlds at one time. Good tip eh?

3. When you wake up in the morning – DO NOT rub your eyes! Rubbing the skin increments pigment production so rubbing dark eyes will only make things worse.

4. Caffeine, believe it or not, can help de-puff the skin. But not in the form of coffee or cola. Look for it as an ingredient in top quality eye creams. Other great ingredients that help to drain the fluid from bags under eyes include orange extract and yeast.

5. Massage some warm olive oil into the skin under your eyes. To avoid a big mess, use cotton swabs to apply the oil. Rub very gently as the skin under your eyes is very delicate. Using olive oil is much better for your skin than other commonly used products like hemorrhoid cream – yuck!

So the next time your morning alarm goes off – do not panic! Follow these simple techniques and your bags under eyes will be a thing of the past. From now on, you are going to start your day with a happy face.