Graduated Fold Funeral Programs

A different type of memorial program used by some families is the graduated funeral program. There are two types of graduated funeral program: a 2-page or a 4-page layout. The 2-page program is made up of one sheet of letter size paper while the 4-page is created with two sheets of letter size paper, printed on the landscape orientation on both sides (or in duplex mode).

The trick to creating these types of memorial programs is in the measurement of the preformatted text boxes and the assembly. The assembly is a fold on each sheet which are offset to create the graduated presentation. It can be difficult to try and create this type of layout on your own, so its really best to use a template if you would like to make this style of program.

The template will already come formatted with the proper margins and design. So it will be really easy to customize it since all that’s left to do is enter the text and related photos. Make sure the web resource you purchase the template from offers support and a video demonstration as well as a Help Guide.

There are tab like bars on the right side of the program which you can customize the title on each tab which are written in a vertical positioning. It’s helpful to view different samples of this style and ask the customer representative any pending questions you may have. There are a variety of designs and colors for the graduated program style and you will be able to choose one that best represents your loved one.