Grandtrek WT M3 Snow Tires – Are These the Right Choice for Safe Winter Traction?

Dunlop’s new Grandtrek WT M3 snow tires are a class-leading winter traction tire for luxury SUVs and 4x4s. This tire is uniquely designed for modern low profile tire and rim combinations popular on larger high performance SUVs such as the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Audi Q, Mercedes GL, Cadillac Escalade, and Volkswagen Touareg. These are also known as Grandtrek WTM3 without the space.

The main problem with these high performance SUVs is the difficulty in optimizing the tire footprint for snowy and icy winter conditions. All-weather tires do not cut the mustard in snow, slush, and ice because they are not designed with widely spaced tread blocks and fine grooves to bite into snow and ice. In addition, the extra width of performance rubber prevents the tire from biting deeply into the snow and tends to cause hydroplaning in slush and freezing rain. As a result, your standard low profile all weather tires will slip badly or simply float on top of the snow, slush, and ice and completely lose traction.

If you own a luxury SUV or high performance truck or 4×4 featuring large rims with low profile wide tires, you need to either purchase a snow tire specifically designed for the purpose, or replace your entire rim and tire package. Since the latter option is extremely expensive, the best bet is to buy low profile snow tires that fit your high performance application. This is where the Grandtrek WT M3 comes in.

Grandtrek Dunlop WT M3 snow tires offer a directional V-pattern that quickly extricates large amounts of snow and slush from the tread, giving you excellent grip in the snow. Their low profile retains excellent response and feedback you expect from your high performance vehicle. The high silica rubber ensures the tire remains pliable even in the coldest conditions. Customer feedback on comfort, handling, noise, and treadwear has been very strong, meaning these are tires you can get great value from. The tires are V speed rated up to 149 mph/240 kph.

The Grandtrek WT M3 also comes in a Run Flat Grandtrek WT M3 ROF version. Dunlop’s patented Self Supporting Technology (DSST) provides an immensely important safety measure that allows you to drive 50 miles or more on a flat tire. If you have ever gotten a puncture at -10 degrees in a blinding blizzard, you know that you never want to change a tire in those conditions again! So if you’re looking for that extra measure of safety for you and your family, you should seriously consider the Dunlop Grandtrek WT M3 ROF Run On Flat as an option.

When shopping for snow tires for your luxury performance SUV or 4×4 this winter, hopefully these positives and negatives come to mind if you’re considering the Grandtrek WT M3.