Granitex Flooring and What Makes it Unique

Granitex flooring is a unique floor coating with a patent pending. It is a combination of urethane and aliphatic urethane, and is superior to 2-part epoxy garage floor paints and enamels. These floors are extremely stain resistant and stand up extraordinarily well to hot tire damage. They are UV stable and impact resistant.

One of the many advantages of Granitex coating is longevity. Most people agree that replacing flooring is not a task they want to do more often than necessary. With that in mind, and because this type of flooring has such a long life expectancy, it is perfect for use in a warehouse, garage, or other type of business that needs a durable, long lasting, quality floor. Another benefit of Granitex flooring is its exceptionally attractive appearance. This is especially true if it is being used for a retail establishment where appearance and first impressions are vitally important.

It is also safe for use in food service areas as it meets FDA and USDA regulations. This makes it ideal for use in a kitchen or restaurant. Another reason for the popularity of this unique flooring is the ease with which it can be cleaned. A simple garden hose does the job and does it well, so it’s also an excellent choice for use in a residential garage. It’s available in over 200 colors which means there will be something to please everyone, and the floor can be used the very same day that the coating has been applied.

This coating can be installed over many different types of surfaces including metal, wood, tile, and fiberglass. Installation is simple because unlike a standard 2-part epoxy paint, Granitex floor glazes are heated with a flooring machine, and then applied to the floor and baked on to create a tough, durable surface that will out perform other types of flooring.