Graphology at Home – Lesson 14 – The Letter A

Each sign in an analysis has meaning, but is reliable only as one aspect of the total analysis. So although the following letters are strong indicators by themselves, they cannot be regarded as proof of any fact about the writer until they are properly weighed.

There are many different ways of forming the letters of the alphabet:


o Picture the letter a (or any letter for that matter) with two hooks. A hook by nature grabs, hence it shows greed. The double hook implies avarice.

o Imagine the left leg extended far to the left (past). The fact that there is also a blotch hints of a “blotch” in the writer’s past, which is very much on his mind.

o Consider the letter that is called a block letter. Its construction is simplified, showing intelligence and culture. Most books use block letters, and this may be an unconscious imitation.

o The markings on top of the letter are inexact and unnecessary. This shows inexactness on the part of the writer, but the fact that he did write the letter in such a manner shows him to be an unusual character.

o Picture the letter that shows a large loop with a knot. Loops made bigger than necessary to read the letter show pride. This particular form has been found among writers who take pride in their families.

o Imagine a knot in the letter. This shows toughness, hardness-someone who is apt to be thorough in what he undertakes and will not give up easily.

o Consider that the starting point of the letter is thick and close to the body, not extended to the left. The thick writing shows a materialistic nature.

o Capital letters, among other things, show an image of ego. Thus, the thin, narrow capital letter indicates shyness.

o Picture the left leg considerably longer than the right one, as if the man were running. It shows aggression and ambition.

o A round block letter depicts a form of construction of some kind and therefore shows a constructive thinker.

o The letter may be constructed in a square fashion, showing an interest in architecture or in mechanically related fields. The shape itself looks like a building brick.

o Imagine the left leg longer than the right, as the letter we spoke of above, but it descends deeper. This is the meddler. Because of the position he gets himself into, the writer will become argumentative when the person he is annoying flares up at him.

o Consider the capital A in the form of a small a. Since the capital letter shows the ego of the writer, a small letter indicates humility and modesty.

o When the bar of the A is missing, it shows carelessness and neglect. There are times when the A bar may be omitted and not have these meanings-when the writer is in a hurry, for instance-but if the writer always forms his A’s like this, it implies slovenliness.

o Picture the arc that points back to the capital letter (the ego) and therefore shows egotism.

o Imagine the left leg stretching out to the left, showing a strong attachment to the past. Often these writers have a difficult time getting started on projects or even everyday things.

o Consider (a) crossings that are both inexact and their lack of completion forms what graphologists call open-mouthed ovals, which shows talkativeness. The more open the ovals are, the more talkative the writer is. When these letters are a regular feature of someone’s writing, he can be said to be both open and honest. However, if there were no oval letters closed, it would be best not to tell the writer any secrets-he may have difficulty keeping them.

o Of course, all these writers represent only different degrees of open-mindedness and openness; there are those who thirst for knowledge, and those who are merely curious; those whom we call frank, and those who are tactless; but none of them can be called selfish. A few overdo the openness, too. To entrust such a writer with a delicate secret may be disastrous, for he probably is not able even to hide his own; and since the opening exposes the lower zone, this may suggest a quality of indelicacy, possibly the exhibitionism of a libertine.

o Picture the letter showing an angular form. This indicates rigidity and hardness.

o Imagine the low ‘A’ bar. Like the low t bar, it shows an inferiority complex. Since the capital letter reflects the ego, this low bar hints at reduced self-esteem.

o Consider the letter that shows a peculiar shape. Whenever strange looking shapes appear, we see sexual perversion and a strong sexual imagination. (However, these letters should be compared with the rest of the writing.) If this distortion is what he thinks the letter should be, imagine what he thinks a sexual relationship should be.

o Picture the letter resembling an A bar, which in reality is an in-turned arc, piercing the capital (the ego). The writer is destroying his ego, showing strong depression and suicidal tendencies.

o A similar meaning is indicated when the A bar strongly descends -its very direction implies that the writer is down in the dumps.

o The letter, which is encircled several times, reflects the feeling of living in one’s own world of imagination. The writer is trying to protect himself by not allowing anyone else in. If anyone ever does penetrate, he will not find it easy to change the writer’s ideas.

o Loops by nature are showy; therefore, such a writer discloses vanity. (Note: Do not confuse loops with knots, which show a different meaning).

o The upward rounded stroke reveals the performer, the entertainer. You can almost see him bowing to the audience as he makes this flamboyant upward stroke.

o Imagine the letter, which is ink-filled, pasty, and blotchy. It shows sensuality, as if the writer’s guts were pouring out on the page from the passion inside him.

o Consider the oval letter open at the bottom. (Before you can analyze this letter, you must make certain that it was not the writing tool that erred. Pens do sometimes “gap.”) This shows the embezzler, the crook, the hypocrite. The fact that there is something missing in its construction implies a similar lack in the writer’s makeup. What is missing is honesty, as though there were a hole inside him, where everything decent fell through.

o Picture the left side of the oval open. This writer cleverly conceals this side of his nature (the opening is tiny), but his motive is strictly for himself, and he is greedy. Obviously, he is also untrustworthy. Often people who write like this are found to be neurotic.

o Imagine the person who writes as if he were bending away from something that may hurt him; this reveals himself as touchy and sensitive. The inward, bent right stroke shows him protecting himself.

o Consider the letter that is knotted (not to be confused with a loop). The knot shows that, although the letter was already closed, the writer added the knot, just to make sure. It shows secretiveness, reserved manner, introversion, and one who rarely allows people to get to know him. When coupled with other signs in the writing, this form often appears in the writing of dishonest people.

o Letters may be written quite square-shaped. People who write in this fashion show an aptitude for construction and mechanical ability.