Great Adventures with Camping Flashlights

Camping being one of the great American leisure and sport has constantly changed and evolved throughout the years as technology has also found its way into the high peaks and shrouded forests. Camping is correlated with sports like hunting, tracking, trailing, fishing and it has also been used centuries ago by warring troops and tribes. As night falls and darkness covers the surroundings, a good bright fire is the most important thing for warmth and guidance. Then suddenly it pours that even the thickest leaves from atop becomes permeable killing the fire instantly. Hence the invention and development of camping flashlights

Camping flashlights today are no longer secondary to bonfires as it has been drastically modified to provide the same functions with lesser risks. These devices offer the same benefits of heat, wide range of illumination and reliability but do not include common risks a campfire could cause. Campfires can burnout from rain, needs wood every now and then to maintain, the heat cannot be adjusted and it can even cause accidents by burning linens or tents.

A camping flashlight proves to be incredibly bright. It has focused and well adjusted illumination from a much lesser light source compared to a big bonfire.

It is hassle-free. You do not have to keep working to keep it on like a bonfire. Its size is relatively small and does not take up space at all. In that sense you can keep your camp closer together around it.

Camping flashlights are dependable and reliable. Depending on the kind, its light source and power never fail. It can easily be stored and other models do not need to be recharged at all.

It provides safety and security. Some camping flashlight models use incandescent or strong xenon lamps that can be adjusted in brightness at the same time adjusting the heat it generates. Most reports say that by simply putting a sleeping bag beside these flashlights, the coldness of the night is very tolerable. Other special add-ons even include a speaker emitting a constant whirring sound that can drive away stray animals and other wildlife for added protection at night. Finally, some are designed so that mosquitoes and other insects are instantly repelled instead of being attracted to the light source.

Here are some excellent camping flashlights.

The Brunton Lamplight Extendible LED Flashlight is small-sized but doubles as a camping LED lantern by raising the flashlight housing. It has a long operational life of 200 hours needing only three batteries. It also has a lifetime guarantee. Another called the Brunton Firelight has a bright white LED located in the base of a windproof camping lighter.

Petzl’s Duobelt LED headlamps provide powerful long range lighting as well as different kinds of close range lighting. This camping flashlight also has a halogen bulb for long distance lighting of up to one hundred meters and uses LED or light emitting diodes for a close range lighting of up to twenty meters. For short range lighting the LED camping lantern provides diffused white light. LEDs of this type provide an intense bright white light and never burn out. A battery pack powers this gadget which can easily be stowed in a pouch, clothing or belt.

The Jonta Camping Flashlight is a state-of-the-art model boasting no battery usage and its very own microprocessor. The most advanced of its kind, it has a 1W LED illumination, an on-board power generator and microprocessor-controlled circuitry and power generator. The on-board generator transforms your own energy into illumination. By cranking it for thirty minutes, the bulb can light up for over ten minutes. It features an AC/DC power that allows up to 24 hours per charge. It also has a brightness and flashing setting for emergency use.

The Super Sabrelite is a waterproof and shockproof camping flashlight engineered to withstand the toughest conditions. Made from unbreakable ABS plastic, it is virtually indestructible and submersible to 500 feet. It uses xenon light 32 times brighter than other xenon brands.

Finally is the Life-Light Camping Flashlight which uses the same technology as the Faraday flashlight by using magnetic induction to generate the LED. By shaking it for ten seconds a blue light runs for five minutes and it requires no batteries so you can have unlimited light source. It is also tightly sealed with O-rings making it waterproof and is designed to float on water.

However you may choose to enjoy the adventure or thrill of nature’s beauty, be sure that you’ll also be ready for it by keeping a camping flashlight at all times.